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    I'm also a believer with 2 more expansions, ending in level 100. The next big project will be titan. and that will be the main focus for blizzard.

    I do believe WoW will continue to have expansions... instead of a level increase, it'll be an item level progression based expansion, ending with all items in slot being legendary, it will also introduce probably a couple of novelty races, and a class. Along with some fun raids.

    From there I think wow will just release digital downloads for new races, and maybe a fun class or fourth spec for an existing class here or there.

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    Should be notded the Klaxxi say "If the old ones do ever return we will serve them once again". Kinda leads me towards thinking they will return and the Klaxxi that were once our allies will be our enemies. Next expansion being old god centred wouldnt half surprise me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jess Day View Post
    Should be notded the Klaxxi say "If the old ones do ever return we will serve them once again". Kinda leads me towards thinking they will return and the Klaxxi that were once our allies will be our enemies. Next expansion being old god centred wouldnt half surprise me.
    It would me, after we had that in Cata and it went over like a lead balloon.

    I am 99.99% sure next expansion is the Legion returning. But the expansion I really want to see is the one where Sylvanas breaks off from the Horde and forms her own Scourge.
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    yeah, we don't have much known story left in Azeroth: Old Gods, Azshasra, Emerald Dream, Burning Legion, but there's so much new possibilities when we will go fight against BL. We can meet new races, new worlds, new lore can pop up like shrooms. There's so much more in character development then just plain old boring levels, we can have some new reincarnation of path of the titans, or some other alternative advancement. Hell, Blizzard can just go absolutely crazy in next few years and totally revamp some stuff in game it will feel like something new, but in franchise people already love.
    TBh I think we are nowhere near to end of WoW, I think it will be the oldest game still in development in history of video games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syctris View Post
    Blizzard stated at some point max level would be 100 then they were done, so probably 2 more expansions. Next one will be burning legion for sure I think though.
    They have never said this.

    They had plans to go to 100, but never said that that was the end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syatek94 View Post
    Pandaria is not my cup of tea. I'll be breaking till the next expansion.

    What do you guys think it'll be? Is there anything official known about it?
    95 level cap, or 100?

    I'm hoping the level cap will be 100, and it'll be the final expansion. Which mean's fighting the Burning Legion on their home world with Sargeras as the final boss. This would be amazing. BC was my favorite expansion and this would definitely have that feel to it. Actual WARcraft not some Panda loving mist zone.

    If Blizzard decides to do 2 more expansions, my guess is the next one, level cap 95, would be something revolving around the Old Gods and the Titans. Maybe some Time Traveling with the Caverns of Time?

    I mean, how much do they have left to work with on Azeroth? The map is basically completely full, they'd have to make some other world. And I don't think they'll be redoing Azeroth again like they did for Cata.

    Thoughts and opinions?
    Lol MOP is prob the best expansion blizzard has done yet, while it has its quirks the content offered and the direction they have taken the game and I wish people would get over the panda crap cause well apparently you don't know what you are missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gifu View Post
    I think we need Bolvar to bring back the Lich king. I'm not huge lore fan, but Wotlk had the right touch in it.

    Now we fighting against Sha of this Sha of that and Sha of those. Frankly i don't give flying donkeys c.. on lore anymore.

    All just seem to gone to tree hugging and helping pandas that i couldn't care less. You even have to get revered with their faction atleast if u half serious in PVE content.

    In away Blizz got it right to slow down progress with caps/dailies/etc. However bit too much for regular human, who works five day a week.

    Many talks about scourge and burning legion. It won't be either of those, cos Blizz has stated they want game to go forward. So what we have left? Not much i think.

    I would like to see Sylvanas and Forsaken leave horde and form 3rd faction. Ain't got ideas for alliance, but some should go and make 4th faction. So we would have 2 "horde" and 2 "alliance" factions.

    PS: it wont be titan's cause thats the whole new game.
    you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Legion has been hinted here and there, ther will never be any more than 2 factions and the name titan is just that games "code name". Has nothing to do with wow.

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    My money is still on an all out war between the alliance and the horde in the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalmidor.

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    In b4 everyone says Burning Legion.

    Ohwait, too late.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Blizzard has been too in-our-face about the Burning Legion. Wrathion has practically told us that Infernals are incoming, and Blizzard has never been so obvious or straightforward with their expansion hints.

    Their hints are usually from a line of quest text, or a hidden little doodad, or pieces of unfinished lore.

    The BL IS coming, but not next.

    My guess for next expansion? See Zul's second prophecy to Rastakahn for more details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    It's not a hint of the content of the next expansion just because there's lore relating to demons, demon hunters or the burning legion in the game. Of course there is, they're still a part of the WoW universe.

    In any case that was added in the Cataclysm revamp - it was released before Cata was. Do you really think Blizzard knew what the expansion after MoP was going to be before the release of Cata? When they didn't even decide to set MoP in Pandaria until at least halfway through Cataclysm?

    This is all pure speculation with no basis. There IS no basis to work out what the next expansion will be because that probably hasn't even been decided yet. And Blizzard doesn't bury obscure hints, if they decide what it'll be and they want you to know, you will.
    actually you are wrong bliz is always throwing out hints in game. they even said. they are well into developing the next xpack when mop came out. So i0t would be safe to say they know what is next, maybe not exactly how EVERYTHING will be as i'm sur it like everything else bliz does is subject to change with no notice. But Bliz knows the theme of whats next and they have people working on the next xpack as well as people on this one, and every other game with there name on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syatek94 View Post
    Actual WARcraft not some Panda loving mist zone.
    Annnnddddd you lost me. Was looking forward to some actual discussion but it's flame bait comments like this pretty much kill any chance of flame-less discussion. Think before posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuke1096 View Post
    Expansion 5 - Azshara (N'Zoth and Neputlon stories wrapped up...leads to Burning Legion Xpack)

    Expansion 6 - Kil'Jaeden and Burning Legion on Argus (Leads to the return of Sargeras)

    Expansion 7 - Sargeras (Titans Return and the Xpack is themed around Titans vs Sargeras)
    I imagine this is how it will go aswell. I hope so to IMO

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    So much for the tolerant left.
    More Burning Legion stuff please! Although perhaps learning from BC's mistakes...
    Do no harm, but take no shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    I hope not,but its very possible. Wrath was hinted at in vanilla. cata in bc, and i suppose mop was a suprise, but if they go back to hinting 2 expansions ahead of time we may see the legion for 7.0 instead of 6.0. What was hinted at in cata? Azshara and old gods my friend... Azshara and old gods.
    It's more like the Nostradamus effect. You only noticed coincidences after the fact. No one was saying LK during Vanilla(well maybe the Arthas lovers), and no one was saying Deathwing during TBC. It wasn't until after those expansions came out that people found the coincidences and cited them as predictors. I think the BL is coming but I would not be surpirsed if they dealt with Aszhara first.

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    A big meteor hit the world and everything is destroyed.

    Titans wake up and a new game begin....

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    Thumbs up New wow?

    Quote Originally Posted by Syatek94 View Post
    First I've heard of this. Very good observation, seems likely.

    Azshara and Old Gods to 95.
    Burning Legion to 100.

    End game. Makes sense to me.
    As for people saying 100 is just a number and Blizzard will go past it, I disagree.
    Sargeras has kind of always been advertised as the Final Endgame Boss.

    Finish up MOP, 2 more expacs, adds what, up to 5-6 years of WOW?
    The game has to come to an end some time. Even if a ton of people are still playing.

    I think Blizzard will want to end WOW to make room for their next gen MMO, Titan.
    I'd actually like if Blizz ended at level 100. Then made some kind of new "wow", with an awesome graphic boost. I'd like that!

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    You'll be lvl 100 with at least 1M hp.

    Lore: Sargeras loses is weapon, we have to recover it. Sargeras sends us a huge wave of illidan including: Pit lord with deathwings jaw, Kil'jaeden (With legs), Archimonde riding a tree, Gruul's sons get ressed by some ogres, his sons try to ress gruul but that fails and gruul transforms in some sort of phased mountain orgre that can move from soul to soul. He takes over Anduin and Anduin tries to assassinate his daddy Varian. Varian gets mad, really mad and sends Anduin away from the Alliance. Anduin comes across some trolls which include Zul'jin. Anduin is all like 'dayum, where's yo arm son (anduin became a fan of black rap music, no offense)' Zul'jin is telling him the story and anduin recovers his arm from a bloodhound in the eastern plaguelands. Zul'jin is happy and rebuilds Zul'aman. Sargeras helps him rebuild it and anduin becomes a titan of the pantheon.

    Major bosses: Varian Wyrnn corrupted by C'thun. Sarthariados, a huge spider who nobody likes and just has to be killed. Norgannon, he becomes mad because his precious disks gets stolen bij Garrosh. That's patch one.

    Patch two: Rehashed ulduar, but this time ulduar gets soaked in old gods and sha's and forgotten ones. They kinda want it to be their city. Guess what, the titans don't approve and help us.

    Patch 3: Sargeras is all mad and helps Zul'jin to rebuild Zul'aman and anduin becomes one of the titans for some reason that nobody knows, not even the Blizzard lorewalkers and sargeras doesn'tlike. Oh no he doesn't. He grows furious and spews all over azeroth but the dragon aspects regain their powers by the titans and they be like: imma fire ma burning breath <3333333333333333 Alextrasza falls in love with Kalecgos.

    Patch 4: Ysera doesn't want to be stuck with Nozdormu. But Ysera wants Kalcgos and Nozdormu wants Alextrasza so they ask Deathwing (ye, he's alive on top of the throne of therazane) and he says "i wall awnser your question, only when you free me from these bonds. I am a good person, you can call me Livewing" (he's a pink dragon with a heart on his tail and cute bunny ears ^-^). He gets freed, thanks the 4 other aspects and flies off. The 4 aspects start raging at eachother, but the Dragon Soul is bound to them and it's in the heart of Pandaria and Pandaria gets all broken and Y'shaarj comes forth and the 4 aspects have to defeat him. Livewing becomes a member of the Love is in the Air Commision and they start a new faction which will be play able in patch 4.

    Patch 5: Chen finds his keg.

    World of Warcraft: The Burning Wrath of the Catalysm of Pandaria.

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    My bet is that the final boss will be the Titans and level 100 sounds like the ideal "terminal point".

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    For what it's worth, had this lying around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valcrist View Post
    Lol MOP is prob the best expansion blizzard has done yet, while it has its quirks the content offered and the direction they have taken the game and I wish people would get over the panda crap cause well apparently you don't know what you are missing.

    MOP has been a disappointment, except for those KungFu panda, Farmville, and Pokemon fans.

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