View Poll Results: S.Park, Futurama, The Simpsons or Family Guy?

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  • South Park

    123 57.75%
  • Futurama

    105 49.30%
  • The Simpsons

    43 20.19%
  • Family Guy

    80 37.56%
  • Others

    14 6.57%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    [TV] South Park, Futurama, Simpson or Family guy?

    You can pick up to two options.

    If you pick the option "others", feel free to let us know what's your favorite cartoon tv show.

    I'm going with South Park and Futurama.

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    Futurama and Family Guy.

    There is less funnies in futurama for sure, but some of the story line is just awesome, and the setting is just awesome.

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    I'm going with South Park and Futurama, but I also love Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad

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    Futurama > South Park (but only by VERY little) > Simpsons (older seasons) > Family Guy > Simpsons (newer seasons).


    If I'm going by two options Futurama and South Park are the clear winners.

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    A few years ago I would have picked Futurama and South Park, but I'm turning towards FG now opposed to SP. Watched all of seasons 8-10 the other day, and compared to what I saw of 5, 6 and 7 it seems a lot better
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    Only 2? South Park and a tough choice between Family Guy and Futurama. Think I'll go with Family Guy.

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    southpark and futurama.
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    South Park wins in my opinion, just because of its political an social commentaries. South Park lampoons many real world issues in some of the best ways, that I couldn't even come close to thinking of. I went with Futurama second, mainly because of the setting and characters.
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    Futurama = South Park > Family Guy > Simpsons

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    Of the listed shows, South Park takes the cake for me. Ever since Awesom-O, I've hated to love Cartman and loved to hate him. They handle current affairs quite well, making points that other people won't make while still managing to be highly humorous about it.

    Family Guy is great too, but, of Seth MacFarlane's brain babies, American Dad is my favourite.

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    I like more than two: Futurama, though I haven't watched it in a long time(), Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad are my favourite.

    Voted Simpsons and Others.
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    American Dad > Family Guy > Futurama > South Park. Simpsons is too far down to even be included in the comparison.
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    South Park by a long shot.

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    The Simpsons first 10 season and southpark >>>> ALL, most of the original ideas were created there
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    South Park is by far the best. The last 4-5 seasons are not as good as the first 10, but it's still miles ahead.

    Simpsons' first 10 seasons were great. Now it's pure garbage.

    Futurama's first seasons were really good and i used to watch them since the begging, but i stopped when it got canceled.

    Family guy is stupid. It's garbage. It never was funny, insightful or interesting. It's just lame. All of the people i know that watch it happen to be douches.

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    South Park>Futurama>Family Guy>Simpsons

    South Park is done basically the week before it airs and sometimes finishes the same day which means its extremely current. They can also do pretty much anything they want and that makes the show better too.

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    futurama for me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefrog View Post
    Futurama and Family Guy.

    There is less funnies in futurama for sure, but some of the story line is just awesome, and the setting is just awesome.
    My thoughts exactly.

    Every week-day night at 11pm I watch a double bill of family guy, Futurama I watch every once in a while but still love it over the Simpsons (despite having watched the first 20 seasons).
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    South Park and Family Guy are too uncouth for my tastes, so I voted for Simpsons and Others. Well, Simpsons are Simpsons, I just like them. As for others, I'd like to commend American Dad (earlier seasons though, it's become a bit worse now). But more than any of them, I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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    Family guy and Futurama. Simpsons is too preachy and boring and I think it is meant more for 10-14. Sure it's still watchable though..

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