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    Demonic Gateway Issues on Sha of Fear?

    Hey guys -

    Just wondering if anyone else in the community has been noticing that Demonic Gateway sometimes just doesn't want to work - particularly on Sha of Fear. A few weeks ago, heroic dogs was not allowing me to use it either. Sorry if this question is a repeat topic, I just don't have time nowadays to research every individual fight for myself.

    Just curious if anyone else has the issue or if there is an invisible wall somewhere that isn't allowing me to use my Gateway.

    P.S. Yes, I know it was changed to be a click rather than a run through.

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    The portal stop to work (for you and your raid members) when you get "cackled" and ported to a platform.

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    Same thing with demonic teleport.
    I could have sworn I read about a fix for this a month or so ago, but I probably imagined it as it still bugs out when you get cackled.

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    Ahh. Makes sense, I understand now.

    Thanks guys.

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