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    I don't really understand your post. Are you agreeing or disagreeing with the idea that crafting is primarily just a leveling engine right now?
    Erm...neither really. But really towards disagreeing about your post.

    I just said you can use it primarily as level engine. But it would be very dumb to do so simply because doesn't change anything. I said that if you do it, it better be towards a tangible goal such as freely explore the world or just because you love crafting. The rest of the post was really just sarcasm because you said "it's obvious they want to be main levelling way" when by doing so you just lose the content you paid for (assuming your only goal is reach max lvl)

    The "right" usage is if you love it, you do it all the way for the fun it provides to you.
    if you hate it, you sell mats, get rich, and still easy to reach max level.
    If you don't care either way, you close level gaps that you might get (not liking an area or maybe unlucky to get much events), or you do it because it provides "limited fun" (aka not your main goal) so you just do it occasionally, or you just sell the mats again for gold.
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    I kinda felt that way too. I recently took a fresh toon from 1-80 doing only crafting. Took about 15 hours, including getting mats that I didn't already have. But I also wanted to go for the Mastercrafter title and figured I'd just start a toon that would serve as my crafter.

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