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    Heroic Will 10m Help/Advice Please :)

    Hi our guild will be attempting it this week. We are 6/16 HM atm and downed H Spirit Kings easily last week (first time doing it) in about 15 pulls. Our comp for H Will this week will be:

    Tanks: Blood DK / Protadin

    DPS: Frost DK (can do blood as well)
    Spriest (Or Disc/Holy) (Spriest is offspec)

    Healers: Holy Paladin / Resto Shaman (Can go Ele or Enhance as well)

    Since we do not have a hunter how should we go about with sparks and what healers + raid composition should we go with (since we have multiple healers who can swap around + frost dk going blood)? I would prefer not to do a CC method if possible. Any tips/help would be great thanks!

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    Your rogue should be able to soak almost all of the rage sparks on his own between Feint and CoS. This frees up the rest of the raid to deal with adds, courage sparks, strength sparks, on a more as needed basis.

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    Theres 6 total set of soaks from the ragers needed untill you reach the first "Calm burnphase" - These are the hardest to deal with, so id focus on that.

    1 set: Tank 1
    2 set: tank 2

    At the third soak, the bosses will have spawned, and your tanks cannot help you any further.
    3 set: Blood DK(instead of frost)
    4 set: Spriest
    5 set: Blood DK
    6 set: Boomkin and mage. (one each)

    Then you will reach the Calm phase, where if everything has been going as planned, and your DPS havent been asleep, only a str will be up, that your Rogue should be tanking, and taking ALL soaks from with feint/COS - That means that rogue has 100% focus on the Strenght.

    The warlock will be able to handle all soaks from the Courage ezpz. Let him focus on that. so that leaves, everyone else to focus on the soaking for the Ragers.

    Now you have burned the boss to 70 something % and the boss starts spawning ragers again - This time theres gonna be a total of 3 ragers 2 str and 1 courage, before it goes back to burnlulphase, from this will be different.

    1: DK Blood
    2: Spriest
    3: DKblood

    Burn, and then its done. Warlock soaks the one courage, and the rogue soaks both the Strs.

    While it could make is more simple to let the rogue handle all the ragers, we didnt have one. Didnt have a shadow priest either, so we rotated monk and paladin healers aswell, i know it works, hence why id advice it. Another fix, wich might make it easier for you aswell would be to do it with the rogue, letting him soak all the ragers -

    Rogue handles every rager pack.

    Blood DK will have to pick up the Str, and will prolly be able to soak one, every now and then.

    theres going to be, a total of, 4? str before the first burn, with a mage/boomkin/BloodDK rotation it would be semi easy to handle aswell.

    Theres plenty of options atleast Soaking is the least of your worries

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