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Thread: Augments?

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    So, having played Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I was wondering, do you think we'll ever willingly remove perfectly healthy organic body parts to replace them with superior mechanical augments? This technology is around the corner, by the way. They've already created a robot arm that a paralyzed woman moved with her mind. They are right now developing limbs that respond to mental controls and mimic human body parts, at the moment for amputees and the paralyzed, but who knows how long until it hits the market for healthy people.

    And would you do it?

    Or does this violate the natural order and bring about chaos? Is it better to remain organic than become part machine?

    If you were to augment yourself, what would you augment? (see poll)
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    I wouldn't do it, if I hadn't already lost the limb first.

    There is literally nothing wrong with technology. If religious groups have a problem with it, those with prosthetic legs or, in some cases, arms (which don't really work all too well IMO) need to discard theirs, because that was the technology of their time.
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    I'm with Sicarus, wouldn't do it unless that body part was missing.

    Sort of contradicting my first statement though, as I would probably augment my eyes, damn astigmatism and near-sightedness!

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    Seeing as I already have a fair amount of titanium inside my body and I'd like to be able to run and jump and kick again the choice is easy, I would augment my legs.

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    I would get all cyborged up right now - if we had super-duper-video-like upgrades. So long as I keep my identity and my ability to reproduce.
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    Anything to make my life better or my work easier.

    Some Augmented arms would make my worklife soo much simpler and less painful

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    I would augment everything, as soon as it became safe and there was a point in doing so.

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    And no, I wouldn't do it unless I lost a limb.

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    Before you know it, everyone will be stating things they didn't ask for. Or saying their X is augmented.

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    I wouldn't, but I've no doubt that there'd be a lot of people who would. just look at the ridiculous popularity of cosmetic surgery

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    I was going to vote 'All of them!' until I read the OP, which stated the bodypart wouldn't be augmented, but replaced. So the topic is misleading; you're speaking of replacement rather than augmentation. Replacement? Never. Well; until I actually lost the bodypart due to an accident or something...
    Augmentation? All for it!

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    I'd go all out. Take my brain out and put it, alive, controlling a Gundam and I'll love you forever.

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    I wouldn't unless I was blind or had a limb that was either missing or dysfunctional. Now if there was an operation to make my body regenerate like Wolverine I would do that in a heartbeat.
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    Imo by the time we have the technology to make truly worth while augmented parts we would be able to also go back to biological ones should we choose to. Of for that matter, develop gene theory to simply biologically augment them.

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    I would rather wait until its as advanced as it is in Ghost in the Shell however even then i would have my doubts of doing it.

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    Depends entirely on how good the augmentation is, but I would certainly consider augmenting my eyes now (especially if the replacement matches the look of my current eyes). As I get older and weaker/less fit I'm sure I'd consider other body parts as well.

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    Deus ex will become a reality one day. Maybe in the projected time that the game actually takes place even at the rate we're growing.

    Hopefully it will be better regulated than what it was in the game though, I'd rather not have shit implanted in my brain in the middle of a chinese ghetto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methanar View Post
    Deus ex will become a reality one day. Maybe in the projected time that the game actually takes place even at the rate we're growing.

    Hopefully it will be better regulated than what it was in the game though, I'd rather not have shit implanted in my brain in the middle of a chinese ghetto.
    Chinese ghetto dwellers need implants too!

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    I think i read somewhere that they believe implants will actually be available in the not too distant future, I don't know what my stance is on it other than curiosity its great the progress in prosthetics ppl losing limbs is never nice, but having the chance to get a replacement that is nearly identical to the real thing is really nice.

    I don't know what the practical application to sub dermal implants would be i don't think there really is any other than convenience, the problem with say having a laptop inside your skull that transmits stuff to a bionic eye for example.. would you really want to have to have surgery every time something goes wrong? i wouldn't.

    i do believe the saying goes 'if it isn't broken don't try to fix it'
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    "Perfectly healthy" is some matter of opinion. My "perfectly healthy" heart could give out on me tomorrow, the incredible shock of a nearly fatal accident could kill me! A robotic one would be under no such obligation, and likely possess the software necessary to regulate better than my "perfectly healthy" heart to avoid the sort of shock-induced death that would happen normally.

    Sure, there's nothing wrong with a healthy limb, but there's a whole lot more that could be right with it.

    Personally I prefer technology to enhance biology rather than replace it, which is a much better outcome for everything.
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