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  • Eyes

    26 59.09%
  • Brain

    25 56.82%
  • Legs

    22 50.00%
  • Arms

    22 50.00%
  • Torso

    16 36.36%
  • Other

    14 31.82%
  • Purity First! (None)

    9 20.45%
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Thread: Augments?

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    I can't bear the thought of augmentation for myself. I don't know why, but it just creeps me the hell out. If it was to replace something that was already lost, I might consider it, but just to "enhance" myself? Not a chance.

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    If it works better than the biological alternative and lasts longer (kind of redundant after "works better", I guess), I would do so instantly... well, given the cost, process, etc, made it worth it.

    People are too romantic about the human form. It's the product of a process that's very good at selecting for certain traits, but many of the traits I would like (longer lifespan, infallible memory, less physical discomfort, less impractical urges, etc) aren't selected for; some of them are even selected against quite heavily. If we could just abandon the whole biological evolution-thing and start designing our own bodies ourselves in a practical way, then these bodies would certainly be better for the tasks we design them to do than our current bodies are.

    I'm sure there'd need to be a lot of trial and error to discover what traits are really the most useful to us, as opposed to the ones we may think would be the most useful, but at least that process would take as long as any other technological development does, rather than the hundreds, to thousands, to several million years that the biological process takes.
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    I picked everything on the poll that's how many augments I would have.

    I also played that game and it's flippin' awesome.

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    If I needed it or if it became accessible and essentially gave others advantages in jobs I would probably use it within my comfort zone.

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    Assuming the technology had been around for quite some time and all the kinks were worked out, I would go for augmented stuff without a second thought. You couldn't pay me enough to have anything done early on in the development cycle (unless the body part in question was already missing/permanently broken), but once it's established, safe, and in common use? Absolutely. I always check the "Yes" box in the polls that ask variations on, "Would you choose to live longer/forever/in better health if it meant being cloned, with all your thoughts and memories included?" I would be very, very, very wary of anything that affected my mind, but as long as every single bit of mental information remains intact, I'm open to the idea of changes or improvements in the shell that carries it around.

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    All of me!

    Then I'd go all metal gear on your ass.
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