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    Archaeology Solve Macro for Pandaria?

    Can't seem to find the macro for it, if anyone has one for totaling Mogu/Pandaren solves. Feels like I've been working on Seeker of Knowledge for a long time.

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    Found it/modified the old macro from Cata.

    /run local g,a,n,c,r=GetArtifactInfoByRace for x=1,12 do r,a,n,c=0,0,GetArchaeologyRaceInfo(x),GetNumArtifactsByRace(x)for y=1,c do a=a+select(9,g(x,y))r=r+select(3,g(x,y))end print(n..': '..c..' (rare: '..r..' solved: '..a..')')end

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grawlix View Post
    print(n..': '..c..' (rare: '..r..' solved: '..a..')')end

    (rare: '..r..' - Is the amount of Rares from that Arch type I solved.
    solved: '..a..') - Is the amount of Solves from that Arch type (including rares)

    (n..': '..c..' - What does that number mean?

    HTML Code:
    Tol'vir: 10 (rare: 3 solved: 122)
    What is the 10? It's not how many current fragments I have, because I have 19.

    edit:// Sorry for the Necro, but this macro is useful to me, but that first number is driving me crazy cause I don't know what it is!

    HTML Code:
    Does that mean its just the number of different artifacts for that race I have solved?
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    Necro, but I was Googling this to update my macro for Draenor. You just change the 12 to 15 in the first line like so:

    /run local s=0;for x=1,15 do local c=GetNumArtifactsByRace(x);local a =0;for y=1,c do local t=select(9, GetArtifactInfoByRace(x, y));a=a+t;s=s+t;end local rn=GetArchaeologyRaceInfo(x);if( c > 1 ) then print(rn..":"..a);end end print("Total:"..s);

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