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    (A) <Modest> - 15/16H 10 - US 24 LF Priest/Rogue/Shaman and More!

    Modest is an Alliance 10 man raiding guild based on the US PST server Kilrogg. The guild is made up of a small, close knit group of skilled raiders looking to push the envelope on strict 10 man progression. Many of us come with experience of World / US top 10 kills previously in 25 and now 10 as well, and are seeking to continue that consistent high level of competition in the 10 man scene.

    Priest [High Demand] - Disc/Holy
    Rogue [Low Demand]
    Shaman [Low Demand] - Resto
    We are primarily looking for a Disc priest who would be able to go Shadow if/when needed.

    Who we are looking for:
    - We are looking for players who can attend most if not all of our raids; we aren't looking for backups/benchwarmers.
    - We are looking for players who adapt quickly to new fight mechanics and can think on their feet.
    - We are also looking for players who know their class, know how to optimize their gear/talents/glyphs and can bring their full class potential to raids.
    - Finally, yes, we are looking for big numbers. Whether it is healing or damage we need players who can bring the numbers expected of cutting edge Heroics.

    If you are interested and think you have what it takes to raid with us send in an application by following the Guild Website link at the bottom and filling out a recruitment application. (Be sure to read the instructions!

    Our raid schedule is Sunday through Thursday 7:00pm - 12:00am PST during Progression. Tuesday and Wednesday once Progression is over.
    -We are currently 15/16 Heroic with the notable US first 10man Heroic Vizier Zor'lok kill, as well as Realm First Will of the Emperor and Grand Empress.

    Contact Information:
    Guild Website -
    Guild Email - [email protected]
    In game you can contact Run or Nalp.
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    Really need that last healer!

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    Tsulong and Lei-Shi both died tonight a couple of hours apart!

    We need YOU priest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teekays View Post
    To the top!
    Bump for 15-pull Empress Kill! Now on to Sha!

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    Horo is an amazing guy! Gear up alt priest for empress in a day, kill empress in 15 pulls!
    Hero of the tier - Horo!

    Still looking for a full time priest.

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