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    Prot Power Aura's?

    I've just recently started leveling my Warrior alt that was used for proffesions more than anything in cata but im really enjoying tanking. I'm 95% sure i will play this as my alt (Mage main) through MoP as prot.

    I LOVE power auras find them really helpful on my mage and other alts but on my warrior i'm still learning and only have one aura set up at the moment for Ultimatum. I was just wondering what you guys track for prot with PA's?

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    I have a Character Halo set up with a count-down timer on it for Last Stand, Shield Wall, and Rally Cry, so it's very clear when I have it active and when it will fall off. I also have a little Exclamation Point icon when my target is NOT affected by the "Thunderclap" or similar debuff. If it is affected by the debuff there is a Green Checkmark in the same place with a countdown timer showing time remaining. I also have a Shield Block icon (a white shield) with timer next to it.

    I think that's about all I have set up on Prot. I use the default UI's White Horizontal Arc thing for Ultimatum.

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    I uploaded this early during cata, so some debuffs and buffs you will have to adjust (like the new "Enrage" for berserker rage, and the debuffs with thunderclap/demo shout), but other than that, everything is still working.

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    I found these, their abit old but they all work fine
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