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    New Video Card, but CD wont install

    So I recently bought a new Video card, but when i try to use the install CD it doesnt work at all. All other CDs work in my drive except this one. Is there anyway to do this process online or am I going to have to go through the trouble to return it and re-install the card just to get a new CD?

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    What card is it? You can download the drivers online
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    Chances are they're outdated drivers anyways. Go to the manufacture's website and you should be able to download the latest drivers for your new card.

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    Its the evga geforce 650 ti 2gb superclocked

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    The drivers on any CD is almost certainly outdated anyway. ALWAYS download the newest drivers for any hardware you buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acousticferret View Post
    Its the evga geforce 650 ti 2gb superclocked

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    Awesome thanx for the quick responses and help =)

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