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    Need help with sony vegas after recording

    Hi guys,

    Sorry if this isnt the right forum, wasnt quite sure which forum to post this in.

    Im having some difficulty finding out why my Sony Vegas 12 pro is bugging out for me, i started using my PlayClaw (recording program) again. After we did our first HC 4K kill which i recorded, i was going to make a movie of it. I recorded it with sound and ts sounds, and would like to have also in the vidio. when i see the "hard" movie, the big file on 7GB, i have sound, ts, everything in it. But when i open the file in Sony Vegas 12 Pro, i have no audio, no audio track. I tried to google my problem, and watch tutorials, but nothing seem to help to get it back on track. I even also downloaded some programs which was suppose to help me fix this problem, like "VirtuelDub" but nothing really seem to help, when you google this problem, you can see online other people having this issue, but all their solution i cant seem to figure out since im really newbie to using Sony Vegas.

    some info:

    the recorded file is in .avi
    recorded with PlayClaw
    editing program is Sony Vegas 12 Pro.

    Really hope some of you guys can help me, would really like to fix this problem.


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    no one can help ?

    Mby i should add also, i have recorded before another Avi file, where i didnt have this problem. But now suddenl i have no sound in sony vegas, but in the recorded clip i have all the sound i need.

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    Trying to make sure I understand this before I go any further to help

    You have Video and Audio when you play it in Windows Media Player for instance. But when you import it into sony vegas you have video, but no audio?

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    exactly, and cant seem to fix the problem

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    Uhhh, try putting an mp3 in vegas on it, if it works, then extract the sound track from the movie and add it seperately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keller View Post
    Uhhh, try putting an mp3 in vegas on it, if it works, then extract the sound track from the movie and add it seperately.
    hmm dont really know what you mean. I can add a mp3 sound track, and i get sound in sony vegas, but i wont have the sound from the recorded clip. I dont know how to superately extract the sound from it.

    EDIT: Think ino what you mean, trying it out.

    EDIT2: Hmm how do i add the file as sound o_O?
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    could still use help

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