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    Did ToC always refresh corruption or is my affdots bugged?

    Hey! 5.0 i swear when you got a buff, applied corruption you could spam ToC and it would only refresh it with its buffed stats, but i seem to spam now as of 5.1 and it will apply a new corruption and get rid of its buff? Applying a crappy corruption in its place with no buffs? Affdots seems to show it say when buffed at, i dunno 15.2 for example, spamming toc wont change untill i lose a buff and it will then apply one at like 8.0... quite frustrating tbh lol Is this bugged or intended? Or am i just oblivious to the fact its always done this? Any demo locks much help appreciated!

    TLDR: Has Toc always applied a new corruption instead of merely just refreshing with its buffed stats? - confused.
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    5.1 made it so corruption wouldn't average old and new dot stats. It never kept everything ever. It just got weaker over a longer period of time. Whereas now it acts as you recast it every refresh.

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    Euh, depends on if the buff was still running when you ToC'd. If ToC with buff it should refresh with buff. If ToC without buff it refreshes without buff. Always worked this way, unless you suggest you found a bug. (which I highly doubt)

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    Yeah i think its because affdots was purely affliction and didnt update for demo back when i first played it, so maybe its just that i didnt and couldnt notice.. But like you say, highly doubt its a bug.. But like i say, i couldnt really tell at first but have been noticing alot since 5.1 the dot damage going lower when spamming ToC according to Affdots anyways,

    cheers for your quick replies you two

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    It isn't a bug. Corruption used to before 5.1 average the dmg from old and new dot stats together which made it slowly get weaker or slowly get stronger the more times you refreshed.

    In 5.1 it overrides with stats on refresh. Spamming ToC will update the dot as if you recast it every hit. Basically ignore it its just gonna happen.

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    Right okay thanks for that, yeah ill just ignore it from now on, well threw me off at first! Cheers again!

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