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    "case has been open"

    So the other day i was trying to kranck up the rpm on my case and cpu-fans via bios, after putting the max/min so low that my pc should drive them at 100% all the time i did restart the pc. Now every time i start it up i get a messaga in red colors telling me that "the case has been open" , and it wont go on before i push a random key.

    So is this bad or not?

    byw, my fans did not get any higher speed. Is that cus they are already going at 100% or?
    i doubt that is the case myself cus before the automatic controll over the fans start during start-up i can hear that the fans go much faster.
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    you most likely hit the "open case" setting in your bios, or something you changed set it to open case. its a pretty easy find in the "extra"(not clock, voltage, memory settings etc...) menu of most bios'.
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    You may also find an option in your BIOS to "Reset case open status" or something along those lines.

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    Also sometimes called Chassis/Case Intrusion, 9/10 times there is a button like on a refrigerator that is held shut by the case door/panel, that supplies a voltage to the chassis header on the MB telling it the case is closed and all is well. 2 options, close the case up get into the bios and disable the option, or just tape the button down, I do that on the Dell's at work all the time.
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    Does your case have ricer LED fans in it? The lights can sometimes interfere with the case open light sensor on the mobo. Tho option can be turned off..

    Also fans speed can only be controlled if the connector pin count matches. A 3 pin fan fits in a 4 pin connector but doesnt get speed control. 3-3 and 4-4 does but not 3-4.

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