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    Challenge run World Record (for now) Brewmaster PoV

    Felt like sharing our latest CMs run:

    Scarlet Halls:

    Gate of setting sun:

    plz comment ^^

    (I might be repeating myself but honestly I played terribly in the GSS run, don't judge too harshly :< I did a bit better in the SH run tho)

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    Hey Nerthfu, those are some seriously impressive times. Congratulations! I looked at your armory, and man you're making me want to try tank some of these again. I've always known that BrM dps had the potential to really let a group push some insane times and you've proved it.

    I tanked a few Gold runs myself, namely GotS, SH and Siege. In the end though, I opted to run the rest as MW simply for ease. It's very impressive how little damage you're taking in comparison to what I took any time I tried taking. Your healer and group are doing a great job helping you out. I read your Battle.net thread too and your comments about Guard use make a lot of sense. I've been talking with my guild, and we've been discussing trying to set some realm bests, possibly something a bit more ambitious and we thought having me tank way well help out with that timer. I must show them these videos now, show them it can be done.

    Out of curiosity, what are you using for invisibility? It's obviously not a potion, I've been doing some googling to try find out what it is, but I've had no success.
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    Hi nice runs m8. I was wondering. What addons are you using? I see the energy regen meter and the blackout kick meter. Those are rly nice and would love to have them aswell. Are those the weakauras or so? I'm running brewmaster tao. Don't know if you have addons that are an MUST HAVE! Thank you

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    There is a sticky for monk PoV might be better to post there instead of creating new threads

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    Does your Mage Friend have any PoV of his? Interested in those )

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    These are seriously good. Def. ognna keep a lookout for you streaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tatuin View Post
    There is a sticky for monk PoV might be better to post there instead of creating new threads
    Exactly. Please post all PoV videos in the thread already provided.


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