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    As someone who plays both at 90 on a PVP server I have never had this problem.

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    It is obviously because Horde has faction pride while Alliance has none.

    Horde is based around hardships and enduring said hardships.

    Alliance is a couple of old ladies drinking tea, talking about random stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larwood View Post
    Because more people who either take wow too seriously or use wow as an outlet for their pent-up asshole-itude pick horde because of it's 'badass' look and mentality.
    Coming from an alliance on frostmorne! Out of all the realms I have played on frostmorne alliance is an utter disgrace. They are rude and complete assholes even to there own faction. 99% of the time they never attack in pvp 1v1 only when they out number horde atleast 3 to 1and if you manage to get them by themselves they run away most the time. And btw yes I do have a 90 alliance there.
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    I think it's a mentality thing I believe (Note: This is my OWN theory. It is NOT a fact. I have NO evidence. I can display no samples. It's OBSERVATION ONLY! - That should cover my tracks from "lol source plx" ;D). Comes with the way the horde quests are GENERALLY shaped in comparrison to the Alliance. You're constantly given the role of being the natural underdog, the survivor, the kill-or-be-killed mentalist who has to secure his race' survival. Ranges from Forsaken to Orc, heck even Tauren. Alliance are more about the honorable, vigilant defenders, ranging from Humans to Night Elves and even Gnomes. Heck, a pretty big clue to the mentality of the faction should've come in 5.1 - "Dominance Offensive" or "Operation: Shieldwall". It's not really a big puzzle to figure how the mentality of each faction is intended.

    And I do say intended. I believe when I play Horde that I am supposed to feel angry, downtrodden and generally mean and evil in a sense, but when I play Alliance, I should be arrogant, overconfident however honorable and just. While that looks great on paper, there's always tonnes of gray area and middle ground to please everyone, and as such it becomes open to interpritation. After that it begins to rub off as what we classify as "Faction pride" which is generally a positive thing. Less so when vocal negativity is introduced however.

    That's just MY take on it. I can't back it up with anything but PERSONAL experience.

    - But in all fairness, the title is misleading. I don't believe 'most' Horde or Alliance are unfriendly towards the other faction. Those who're content just remain silent =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    Coming from an alliance on frostmorne! Out of all the realms I have played on frostmorne alliance is an utter disgrace. They are rude and complete assholes even to there own faction. 99% of the time they never attack in pvp 1v1 only when they out number horde atleast 3 to 1and if you manage to get them by themselves they run away most the time. And btw yes I do have a 90 alliance there.
    I'd like to point out the awkward silence that hit my brain when comparring your post to your signature. It kind of negates the objectivity a tiny little bit
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    Enough with bashing eachother, guys.. This community is still young and needs to grow up and show that not everyone are jerks. We're gamers and we enjoy games, don't bash eachother over what games they like or their oppinions, but don't let them bash others either. We need to come together and stand up, as a community, and help eachother out by being respectful and understanding. Please.

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    Why are they hostile against alliance players ?
    Because they are uncivilized brutes that need to be killed on sight for a better tomorrow.

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    I play botjh factions however when im playing either I will act hostile towards the opposite faction, its called immersing yourself in the game, whats the point in opposite factions if youd rather they were nice to each other, fuckin carebears, red is dead :P

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    Because you touche your self at night.

    To be serious, There are ass holes on both factions.

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    Because they hate our FREEDOM!

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    The biggest problem is that when WoW started most of the idiots and kids played Alliance because they all looked "cool" and were the "good guys" whereas the older/mature players went horde to be away from the muppets. This then causes the trash talk which is common among kids and morons, and causes a lot of hatred.

    Move on a few years and most of those same annoying people have swapped to Horde...

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    I figure today's Questionable Content comic is relevant to this discussion.

    (read QC, it's brilliant)

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    Everyone who continues to say this is just being narrow minded, the entire concept of this post is narrow minded, there are complete a'holes in both factions and there are no statistics to show Horde is more hostile than Alliance, you'll find a lot of kids/teens are in the stage where they like to look tough and intimidating so they play as horde because it gives them a better sense of evil and it makes them feel more bad ass, and i doubt people who make Horde just to be away from the "muppets" would of predicted before even making a class what the majority of kids would be in, you chose the class based on your own personal opinion not to avoid kids. :L

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmalya View Post
    Sample size to small? Just look around on mmoc then. If you are alliance you get pissed on by all the cool horde guys because "FOR THE HORDE".
    There is 312.370 members on MMO champion, and even if all were of the opinion that the OP is, it would still not be enough, assume a 50/50 split between the 10 million players and there is still around 4.700.000 more horde players, meaning that the 312.370 is still a small minority.

    Yes, the sample size is too small.
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    Cause hordes is neck beards yarp.

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    It's called faction pride, and your perception is biased because you haven't tried it the other way around as well. I have, and have seen both sides.

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    After 5 years of WoW and having played on many servers (and scoutign many more for a good community) I can say I've observed a few things.

    1. One faction (either one) on any given server tends to attract the most jerks.

    2. Jerks migrate over time from one faction to the other on servers that have less stable communities (usually newer servers but not always).

    3. Any time there are free server transfers or a server gets marked for new players, expect an influx of jerks.

    On a more specific note with faction pride....

    A simple look at the 10-30 zone experiences can tell you why Horde players tend to have a bitter taste about the Alliance....

    You spend almost all your low levels protecting your people from them. The only Horde starting area with no Alliance troops is Tirisfal Glades, which is full of the Scarlet Crusade. While they are not Alliance, they are fanatical humans wielding the light and still leave an impression of human hypocrisy in one's mouth. Every 10-20 zone for Horde has significant Alliance forces. The one zone where you actual feel like you are ont he offensive as a player is in Hillsbrad, but it's also set against a backdrop of constant Stormwind settlers trying to move into Lordaeron which the Forsaken claims.

    For Alliance there was little Horde contact Pre-Cata, the exception being the Draenei where you have a pseudo-Horde force of Blood Elves (They're really Sunfury Elves and not under Horde command, but the Draenei wouldn't know that). The Dwarf/Gnome zones had none, only a few Dragonmaw Orcs in Wetlands were remotely related. Humans had some Blackrock Orcs, but no actual Horde attacking them. Night Elves had no Horde contact until late into Ashenvale

    Post Cata
    Horde has WAY more Alliance in it's face. Durotar is being invaded, Ashenvale is being invaded, The Barrens have been split but there are Alliance assaulting the Northern gates. You have to fight your way through that onslaught to get into Ashenvale. Tirsfal has more Scarlets, but no Alliance. The Forsaken zones are entirely about attacking the Alliance... but again it still has this undertone of securing the area for Forsaken survival. You even get a horse-ride with Sylvanas where she talks about how the Alliance refuses to admit the Forsaken claim to Lordaeron. The Lost Isles involves a Horde/Alliance fleet battle where SI-7 tries to capture Thrall who's just, you know, trying to save the world.

    The Alliance now has some more Horde in it's starting zones with the Shatterspear trolls being pressed into the Horde in Darkshore, and Ashenvale is a huge battleground for all sides (sad that Alliance players don't experience the NE offensive that assaults the rear gate of Org). Human lands still have no Horde in them, though slightly more Blackrock Orcs. Dwarven/Gnome lands are still Horde-free as well, with a few extra Dragonmaw orcs in them. The only zone where the Horde factors in more nastily is Gilneas, where the Forsaken and Orcs invade. Of course the Draenei zone will make you hate Blood Elves still even though they aren't really Horde.

    So with the exception of the two new starting zones, the Alliance just doesn't feel all that under assault by comparison to the Horde. With the exception of the Forsaken all these quests involve the Horde being invaded and attacked. Compound this with the backstory of the Orcs leaving Lordaeron to get away from the Alliance and it just feels like the Alliance is trying to exterminate the Horde.

    This isn't to say the Horde is more right than the Alliance. Both sides are stupid in ways I'm sure the fanboys will detail. I am merely highlighting that the game design leads to a feeling that the Alliance is far more aggressive and vindictive. Experience often overcomes logical study of the actual lore.

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    It's funny because one of the guys at work plays wow, and we jokingly bash each other. "I'll punt your gnome-ass over that pallet!" "Oh yea? I'll turn your orc-loving ass into a pile of ashes!" kinda crap. But it's also done in pure fun. At the end of the day, most people have WoW-Faction "Pride" because, simply, it's fun. Granted, there are some that take it too far, going into real death threats, general truly mean-hearted bashing, but, as with everything in the world, there are the crazies, aka zealots. They are to be ignored and forgotten, or, if need be punished if they go too far. This goes for any organization, religion, politics, etc.

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    not our fault you pressed on the blue, wrong side when you started playin this game *shrug*
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Crabs have been removed from the game... because if I see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* I’m sorry, I just can’t right now... I just... OK just give me a minute, I’ll be OK..

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    To be honest, I get a lot of stick from my Alliance friends for being Horde.

    It really does go both ways though, I've played on both sides of my home server for an equal amount of time.
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    I used to play both sides - but I BEGAN as Alliance. A certain experience on the Alliance made me stop playing WoW for a little while. I then faction-changed to the Horde, joined my alts' friendly guild, and never looked back. I don't want to derail this into a "Oh, the other faction is more hostile" argument thread, but I find Alliance players on my server very rude. I always try to believe that the entire Alliance playerbase ISN'T like that, but I'm afraid my experiences have permanently put me off playing Alliance. Heck, I do usually play the sophisticated and noble side in Video games - the community is that big a deal to me.

    So maybe we both just see the bad sides of the opposing faction because we can't see the good?
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