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    Grand Empress Shek'zeer

    Last time we fought against her some members said that the adds were immune to disarm and knockback. So I was wondering what cc DOES work on them? or are the adds just immune in a certain stage or? (Lets say we have all classes in our guild)

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    well, you can stun,slow and knockback them, at least in hc mode

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    depends on the adds. the large ones are neither stunable nor slowable. you can do pretty much everything but polymorph with the little ones though.

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    We are in normal mode, and our druid said they were immune to (his aoe) knockback, but that was when the adds weren't seperated (3 small adds and 1 big). So thats why I was starting to wonder. Maybe you can do pretty much everything to the small ones excepted when there is a big one between them?

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    you can CC then even if there is a big add next to them.

    Are you sure that the Druid was telling the truth and really tried to Knock them back?

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    He is the guild leader so I see no reason for him to lie, and I watched quite some guides on youtube and I sertainly saw someone knocking the small adds back so thats why I was confused and thouth maybe they are only immune during the first 10 seconds/sertain stage or maybe it was becouse there was a big add between the small adds or maybe they are only immune to the druid knockback but not to some other classes? :S

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    You can knock them back, stun and slow, no mather the circumstances. I'm stuning them as they spawn and there is no issue there. The big one is imune tho

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    Why would you cc any of them? One tank picks the 2 bigs ones, the other all the small ones and it's GG.

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    The trash mobs are immune to CC (though they have the same name), while the Windblades that come out during the encounter are susceptible to CC. Make sure you're testing it during the actual fight. Additionally, the adds become immune to CC when they fixate. Otherwise you can use whatever you want on them.

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    Just have each tank grab each group and the range stack at middle. When goo goes out, have them stack on a point until a puddle is formed. Keep stacking goo till its a trap. Then have a melee dps taunt the big add (from behind the crystal) and it'll get trapped.

    Meanwhile you're filling out this strat range DPS and melee will focus one wind add on the left side first. Then a wind add on the right tank, by this point you should have had a trap made and taunted the big add. Nuke the trapped add, and stun the wind adds that are trying to break them out. Do this twice and its GG. Very easy if you are organized.

    We kill the first wind add on the squishiest tank.

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