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    Smile Sha touched weapons question.

    Is the sha touched staff from last boss in TES clearly better than the sha touched sword and the best off hand item from this tier?
    I prefer a one handed weapon and off hand but clearly will go for staff if it's significantly better.
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    Please don't post if you're guessing, thanks in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joycemiester View Post
    Please don't post if you're guessing, thanks in advance.

    With the limited information you gave pertaining to yourself we can't do anything but guess.

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    My mage friend was trying to work this out, and I recall him telling us that it depends on his current stats. A link to the Armoury, or at least some of your stats would be nice to make a decision.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    We have:
    Sword+Offhand (Tornado from Bladelord):
    1206 Int (+160 via OH-Enchant)
    7007 Spellpower
    345 Hit
    873 Crit
    341 Haste

    1223 Int
    7007 Spellpower
    852 Haste

    So we have:
    -143 Int
    -345 Hit
    -21 Crit
    +511 Haste

    +143 Int
    +345 Hit
    +21 Crit
    -511 Haste

    Get simcraft and look at ur own. I would say Crit is not relevant so all u have to decide is: Are 345 Hit and 143 Int better or not better then 511 Haste for u and ur spec.
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    Most people would say go with the MH+OH because of the +160 intellect enchant for OH.

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    Don't forget that if you're Human you gain +1% hit from using the sword because of the racial (yes it does apply to spell casters and not just mellee now)
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    If I recall correctly, the difference between Staff/Mh+OH is around 100 intel in favour of the Main-hand+off-hand.
    But at the same time, the Staff is more easy to obtain and only need 2 upgrade instead of 4.

    So if you go for ultra optimization, go for MH+OH. If not, the Staff is good too.
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    I'm guessing MH+OH will always be better than staff due to oh enchant.

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    Also worth considering is that for most, hc version of offhand is much easier to come by than either hc weapon.

    Normal->hc offhand gives
    +87 int
    +45 hit
    +67 crit

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    Seeing the MH + OH gives me 1% hit aswell .. I went for those (I also have the staff). The hit I could reforge to haste made the choice go from 143 INT vs 511 Haste to 143 INT vs 171 Haste.

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    If you don't get the 1% hit bonus from being a Human/Gnome it is pretty close and you might just be able to justify it if you want to save the VP it costs to upgrade two items instead of one.
    If you are a Human/Gnome the answer is sort of obvious.

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