10m normal

7:30pm-10:30pm server Tuesday nights

In need of a few raiders. About half the raid is made of core raiders who are 10/16n. Not bad considering we raid less than 6 hours a week.

Looking for a tank, non DK. prefer a tank with OS but not a must

Looking for a couple healers, non priest. need one healer with OS

Currently not looking for DPS.

470+ Fully gemmed/reforged/enchanted properly
brink pots and flasks for the 3 hour run.
Must have mumble
over 21 preferred

Not looking to teach fights and call out every little thing. You are expected to know the fights and how your role fits in. Must have a full clear on normal modes of MSV on one of your toons.

***Attention Possible Tanks***
If you are on the fence with tanking I'd be willing to work with you to help you become a raid tank. I have raid tanked MOP with my Pally and Dk, I also have and 85 Warrior and 90 druid that I have tanked in the past, I can help almost all class's. Not much exp with monks. I'd really like to get another tank in the guild as a possible backup for our core group as well as tanking our ALT runs. We'll run heroics and LFR's to get you comfortable with the tanking awareness then move you into the ALT runs. Plus our two tanks that raid in our Core group are exceptional, they can offer a ton of advice as well. Both will be dps roles in the ALT runs so we'll have tons of experience available to help you succeed.

Message me in game
Tossus, Ossus, Zorell, Mazar,