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    Healbot users: how to distinguish out of range from full health?

    I've started doing LFR on my disc priest alt using Healbot Contd and one problem I noticed last night was that it's hard to distinguish raid members who are full health and in range from those who are full health but out of healing range. Both appear rather faded out with full bars. Normally, you would not want to heal either - as they are both full health, but if they are out of range, you might want to move to get closer to them (e.g. a tank pulling). And for some spells like spirit shell heals, you might still want to target full health raiders and so want to be well positioned to a party, so they all benefit from prayer of healing.

    I wonder do any Healbot users have any tips on how to tweak the settings to make it clear who is in range and who is out of range? I am largely using the default settings. Thanks for any advice.

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    Try putting the alert level on 100%, you can find this in the skins -> healing tab.

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