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    Resto Shoulders

    Good Morning helpful folk from the druid forum!

    Quick question for you today.

    Is it worth downgrading my shoulders from Whitepetal Shouldergarb to RF Eternal Blossom Mantle to get the 2 set bonus or should I just vendor my token?

    Is the loss in stats worth the 10% mana decrease fro Rejuv?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Doing a quick wowhead item comparison, I'd say yes:
    Stat differences:
    -46 Intellect
    +480 Spirit
    -64 Crit.
    -472 Mastery
    and 1 blue socket instead of a yellow one (both socket bonuses giving +60 intellect)

    The 2p bonus for resto is pretty decent and by switching to the RF shoulders you can gain up to 800 spirit if you gem +320 spirit in the shoulders (while maintaining the socket bonus) and don't actually lose out on many stats.

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    The loss of int is more than made up for by the gain of a 10% cost reduction. Effectively, the 2 set allows you to cast 11% more Rejuvs than you could without it.

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