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    Cool T14 LFR 4 set bonus or normal/valor gear? which one is better?

    Playing a SV hunter.

    When doing LFR I was lucky enough to get 3 tokens and acquire a 4 set by by combining them with lvl 496 (504 upgraded) gloves from Sha. However I still have some Valor gear and now got a Zor'lok's Fizzing Chestguard. I would like to ask for your opinions and advice, is it worth keeping the 4 set bonus or should I just replace some gear and stay with only 2 set bonus (use upgraded version of helm from LFR) or maybe ignore the set bonus completely?

    Individually the LFR set pieces are ranked lower than Valor gear or normal gear, but maybe the set effect compensates for lower stats? Has anyone tested this?
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    Bump because I'm in a similar situation. ilevel ~488 SV hunter with LFR tier legs and shoulders vs 489 VP shoulders and 489 SK legs. So lose 12 total ilevels (489 to 483 for two pieces) to gain t14 4pc. Worth it? Asking since I don't have access to femaledwarf currently.

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    The value of the 4pc isn't particularly high for survival. My eq ilvl is 503 w/ 496 4 pc, and the bonus sims as an 808 dps gain. In the LFR gear it will be smaller.

    Absolutely keep the 2pc. Don't fret the 4pc. You should see a noticeable gain by replacing it with 496s (less so with 489s). If you play BM at all though, you absolutely want the 4pc over the higher ilvl gear. The bonus for it is massive.

    In my scenario, If i replace 2 pieces of 496 tier w/ the non tier 509 helm and pants I have in my bag, I show a nearly 2k dps increase as survival.

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    The 2pc is great for Surv and BM

    The 4pc is huge for BM and while it does not sim as well for Surv, I really like it because you will ALWAYS get 2 procs of L&L off a single Black Arrow.

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