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    We also stopped dps at about 32% to avoid getting Subetei out on a flanking and further complicating things with a Volley. Once we were allstacked again after the 2nd Flanking we'd pop personal CD's and easily get Qiang down before the 3rd flanking/pinning arrows.
    Basically this. Stop DPS at said percentage. Wait for the Flanking Order, reposition, hit bloodlust and kill Qiang. This alones makes the transition much smoother.

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    Anyone know exactly how much damage massive attack does

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekked View Post
    Anyone know exactly how much damage massive attack does
    1.1mil in 10 man, 2.8 mil in 25 man
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    Spoiler: The reason Garrosh is defeated is because, just when he's being attacked, Malchezaar pops out of a portal, yells "yoink!", and takes his weapon away.

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