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    WW duel wield

    ive been doing a little reading up & have decided to go DW on my monk, but have one small question. is the hit cap still 7.50%, as im still seeing there is a 14.47% miss on lvl 90`s with normal attacks & obviously more with lvl`s 91 - 93, but 0% with special attacks? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, our hit cap is 7.50%.
    Any hit above 7.50% is not wasted though, so if possible, it's okay to be slightly above the cap.

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    Dual weilding increases your chance to miss with white hits but not specials. 7.50% hit makes sure your specials or "yellow hits" will ALWAYS hit the target, which is the most important thing. For most classes hit up til 7.5% is the biggest increase in dps, and once you hit that you're only increasing chance for white hits to strike the target which is not as strong, so other stats such as haste and crit outshine them.
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    7.50% it is indeed

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    I wish blizzard would just somehow make the combat table accessible ingame. Or just make a decent view on what exactly will miss so people can figute it out on their own. i read posts about dw hit cap for years now.

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    thanks answering guys, its theyve been a big help

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