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    Enveloping Mist - Haste Breakpoints

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for the haste breakpoints of Enveloping Mists with 5.1 for healing at Tsulong heroic. Didn't find it anywhere after some research.

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    from elitist jerks.

    Haste breakpoints that result in extra ticks from Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist. This requires 1,345 Haste, which should be quite easy to reach. The next breakpoints are at 8,096 Haste, which currently is not reasonable to obtain.

    just make sure your not forgetting you get 50% more haste from gear.
    so remember to spawn in and out of your healing stance to dubble check your haste.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Algot View Post
    This keeps getting complicated.

    To reach the +2 breakpoint you will need the following:

    7083 - haste without Stance without 5% buff.
    4722 - haste without Stance with 5% buff.
    4722 - haste with Stance without 5% buff.
    3148 - haste with Stance with 5% buff.

    This number is the number shown WITHOUT the stance or buff.

    Considering you will most likely be in Serpent Stance while reforging, the number you are aiming for is 4722. This way, once you're in the raid you will have reached the haste breakpoint.

    Raw haste from gear is 3148. This way you will reach haste breakpoint in the raid.

    The final number which actually means 16.65% haste is 7083.

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