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    [H] - Vengeance (10) EU Kul Tiras - 6/16 HM recruiting

    Vengeance is a raiding guild looking for players to bolster the ranks to clear end-game content. We have been on Kul Tiras for over six years and never lost our will to see high end raiding content. We believe that the content can be cleared within three raid nights and want our members to enjoy themselves in game as well as have a real life.

    Currently recruiting:
    1 Melee dps
    1 Range dps
    1 Healer

    Exceptional applications of other classes and specs will be considered.

    What we require of you:
    Dedication is the keyword here. We take it for granted that our members as well as our trialists are prepared when it comes to raiding. This includes the best available consumables, enchants - yes, also the faction reputations needed for head and shoulder enchants -, gems and reading up on boss tactics. Reforging should be something you are familiar with. We expect you to know your class inside out and where to get useful information from. Our main focus is downing bosses. Don't join us for loot. Loot is there to help us down the next bosses, not for you to drool over 'epixx'. Using a mic should not scare you. We want active members. Constructive criticism helps us learn from our mistakes. Be able to take criticism and don't be afraid to admit to mistakes, we won't chop your head off.

    www worldoflogs com is the place where we asses our performance. Be familiar with it and be competitive. It will make you a better player.

    And last, but not least, wiping is a necessary evil when it comes to high end raiding. You don't like the endless wipe nights? You feel tired and would rather watch tv, stroke your cat, pick your nose? Then Vengeance is not the guild for you.

    What we offer you:
    A relaxed guild with a firm eye on end game content. A tight knit community where people have been playing online games long before WoW was released. Our members have a real life, we want to keep it that way. And, although tedious, wipe nights never end in shout fests. You will experience alot of laughter and fun should you join us and be willing to be part of the community.

    Rading schedule (server time):
    Sunday 20.30-23.30
    Monday 20.30-23.30
    Tuesday 20.30-23.30

    If this looks like something that fits your life and in-game goals then don't hesitate and visit our homepage to apply.

    www vengeanceguild co uk

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