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    [H] Shades of Despair - Twisting Nether is recruiting for 25man

    Recently transferred guild Shades of Despair is recruiting a ilevel 482+ Tank and a assortment of Dps & Healers to return to 25man raiding

    Shades of despair is a long standng international raiding guild (+ 7 years) from The Maelstrom.
    The Horde player base on The Maelstrom was going down to numbers where it was even impossible to recruit for 10man this expansion after already getting 'forced' to downsize to 10man in cata for the same reasons.
    This population problem on our previous server seriously hurt our progression in t14 so we decided to move to the Twisting Nether and pick up the pace again.
    As a result of this move we are also looking to return to 25man raiding on the Twisting Nether for 5.2

    Most of the core of the guild have been around for many years and the officer team for even longer so the guild has a stable core to build on.

    What we expect from recruits

    - experience in end game raiding.
    - have all items needed for the raid (flask, food, pots)
    - You have a thick hide, able to take criticism and learn from your and others mistakes, our raid leaders don't beat around the bush and tell you straight up whats up.
    - good sense of humor
    - have ventrilo and a working mike
    - positive and patient attitude towards raiding/wow
    - You are over 18 years of age.
    - You can speak and write English fluently.

    Raiding Mon, Wed, + 3rd raid day 19:15 - 23:30 server time. progress on 10man 6/6 MSV 4/6 HoF 3/4 Terrace
    Forums: http://www.shadesofdespair.com/forums
    Application form: http://shadesofdespair.com/ShadesofD...HTML/apply.php

    If you have any problems or inqueries please contact
    - Elegy (Lord of Shades of Despair)
    - Sentrix (Raid Leader / Roster Manager)
    - Valria (Healing Officer)
    - Filoviridae (Raid Leader /Recruitment Manager)

    If you are a 10man guild on the TN or planing to move here looking for the same we would be very interested in talking to you to see if arrangements can be made.

    Currently recruiting :
    Assortment of all classes/specs.


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    Still recruiting

    Currently recruiting :
    Assortment of all classes/specs.

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