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    [H] South of Heaven top 100 25m 9/16H LF Heals/Tank

    [South of Heaven] is recruiting select classes for our 25m team in Mists.

    What makes SoH stand out?
    • Competitive results. We aim to be in the top 100 25m teams in the country, and would like to obtain all "Cutting Edge" feats.
    • Sane schedule. Ideal for adults with other responsibilities, we hold to a 9 hour week, raiding Tues, Wed, and Thurs 9pm to 12am EST.
    • Organized. Raids start and stop on time. We communicate (a lot) with you, so you know the plan.
    • History. This guild is eight years old, offering you stability, track record and seasoned leadership.
    • Relaxed. We set clear expectations so that we can enjoy our time together. This guild is truly a community, in game and out.

    What do we need from you?
    • We expect your performance to be in line with a top 100 raiding guild. We prefer raiders with a good resume, but we will invest in an exceptional applicant.
    • We insist that you have excellent attendance and that you give the team 100% each night.
    • We strongly favor adults for a stable roster. If you are a student, you must convince us that you are reliable and control your own schedule.
    • We want awesome communication. Plan to install Mumble - we much prefer it over Vent. We also like members who are very active on our message board.
    • We are Blizzard fans, and we want to be around other people who love this game too. If you don't thoroughly enjoy WoW, go away!
    • We need personality. I've just gotten home from a 12 hour workday, I'm famished, and now I'm going to spend 3 hours with you. You need to be fun, or this won't work.
    • We enjoy PvP. We would like to revisit rated BG's in Mists, along with contested world bosses, so we prefer applicants who enjoy a little rough and tumble.
    • We are eclectic. Our members are boys, girls, gay, straight, conservative, liberal and come in a variety of colors. Do not apply if you don't know how to behave in this environment.

    If you are nothing more than a number on WoL, we can do better. If you raid for purples rather than pleasure, we can do better. If, on the other hand, you are still interested in applying, the first step is to post an introduction on our forums:


    Please note that I have told you everything you need to write an amazing intro post. I like to be romanced. If you come at me with a generic cut-and-paste, or some cheap two-liner, I will assume you didn't read this.
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    Currently looking for:
    - Resto shaman
    - Shadow priest
    - Blood Dk
    - Holy paladin

    Will also consider other plate tanks, mage and hunter.
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    Lunch time soon.
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    Updated recruitment needs. High priority core spot available to a qualified Resto Shaman (ours has decided she will retire from team).
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    Monday mornings are not cool.
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    Good morning.
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