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    [A] Hyperion 10M *Dath’remar - US (Oceanic) LF DPS

    Hyperion is a newly formed guild on US-Dath’remar (Oceanic), yet our raiders have extensive experience in MoP and in previous expansions and raiding tiers. Our aim is nothing but the best.

    Raid times: (Server times)

    WED 12 AM - 3 AM AEST
    THU *12 AM - 3 AM AEST
    MON 12 AM - 3 AM AEST

    *(9 PM -12 AM WA/SG)*
    Note that when DST ends, raid times will change to 11PM - 2 AM server.

    What we need:

    (1) Boomkin with a strong off-spec, preferably resto, but guardian would be welcome also.
    (1) Mage/Warlock

    Even if you do not see your class listed, all exceptional applicants are encouraged to contact us.

    Current progression:

    16/16N and *2/6 Heroic MSV.

    We offer raiders dps potions and feasts.

    What we expect from you:
    - ability to use mumble, with a working microphone.
    - that you will be able to make 95% of our raids.
    - to be on time for raids.
    - that if you cannot make a raid that you will inform your raid leader or officer.
    - when you are asked to prepare for a fight, you will do so.
    - to be knowledgeable about the state of and changes to your class and always perform your best.
    - to take pride in what you do.

    If you have any questions, please see Wandarla, our recruiter, or Zzar *or Rushunâ in game. You may contact Wanda via bnet at Wanda#1721.

    Or contact us via our forums at hyperion DOT motionsforum DOT com SLASH forum and one of us will get back to you.

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    This is US 8 am - 11 AM EST


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    WTB Caster DPS!

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