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    [H] Vanguard Kazzak 25 man 10/16 heroic 3 days/week.

    Vanguard 25man 5/6 hc-MSV, 2/6 Heroic HoF, 4/ 4 ToES (6/6 MSV and 4/6 HoF heroic cleared in 10 man during christmas period) is a raiding guild that has always been around in some form on Kazzak. We raided 40man in good old Vanilla wow, 25man in TBC and WotLK, went down to 10man in Cataclysm. When the latest expansion launched we saw a lot of interest in 25mans and switched back to that. We are now recruiting to fill a few more spots to solidify our roster. We are also open to old friends and aquintainces for social spots.

    What we currently are looking for:

    Ranged DPS: Priest
    Melee: DK

    Exceptional applicants of all classes are always welcome.

    To give you more information on our guild, our core players have experienced the top flight of raiding within top 100 guilds (such as Slashcry, Showdown and Last Resort to name only a few) in previous expansions, including the guild master who is renowned for great leadership skills during raids and will expect the very best from each raider no matter what rank or class they are.

    Pandaria meant Vanguard could re-establish itself with the potential to become a dominant raiding team again. Within such a short time core raiders rejoined and Vanguard has recruited a near full team of gifted, talented and brained raiders. Furthermore due to previous success and a good community, the old core and old school players have rejoined to form Vanguard into a competitive and focused raiding environment.

    Vanguard are searching for high calibre players. We want exceptional talent of any class to compete with our raiders. This allows us to remain fresh and continue progressing quickly throughout this expansion in 25 mans and be competitive in heroic kills, whilst maintaining a social/working life.

    You require extensive raiding experience with competitive top logs for your respective class and spec. Achivements with relevant dates are also a big plus, such as early progress in Ulduar or ICC or any of the Cataclysm raids.

    Raiding spots are performance based, our trial system can be as low as 1 week as long as you're the correct person for the spot. Attitude, performance and delivering results are very important. You need to understand not just the game in the sense of pure digits and mechanics, but also understand the game that is raiding and the enviroment around it. What we truly are looking for in the long run are people who contribute and feels good to work with. You need to see the value in a long term perspective and playing with likeminded people.

    Please DO NOT apply - unless you have logs, minimum normal logs.

    We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sumday (19-23)
    You need to be able to keep high attendance on these days.
    We have offraids on Fridays and Tuesdays. These are usually 10mans made up of alts and socials. Its not mandatory in any way, but if you want to do more then three days a week its quite possible to do that.

    What we expect:

    Consistently able to attend 3/3 raids per week- we strive to continually use the same team in 25 man raiding.

    Extensive knowledge of your class.

    Links to World of logs of your dps, healing done etc on recent fights- and the knowledge of how to improve your dps or healing done for specific fights.

    TOP of WOL ranks- Our top players are continuously getting top 100 ranks - So should you!

    Correct attitude for raiding. Accepting constructive criticism. Not causing drama in guild chat or over things in raid. Being able to communicate VIA ventrilo when necessary etc.

    Furthermore - WE are a SOCIAL guild, Having a good humor, social skills are a BIG bonus - GOOD people is what we search for, social life and good players

    Also the DETERMINATION to push the heroicmodes. You need to find progresswiping somewhat fun and attractive, or dont bother.

    What you should expect

    A raiding environment that you can really bring your 'A' game

    A raiding roster with great history and focus on current raiding and beyond

    Ambition and drive to always push and improve within a relaxed raid, where you can bring your best performance and great atmosphere in guild.
    Not to brag you know.... but the leaders of Vanguard have been in the raiding game a long time. Not just in wow, but since bloody Everquest and in other games. We know this things, we have been on this server for six years now. If you want leaders thats knows whats up, we like to think that we do.

    Apply here: vanguard-eu.wowstead.com

    If you have any questions, contact one us ingame:
    Splown, Lelir, Candika or Mcown
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    Bump for ponies!

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    Still looking for exceptional players!
    Give me a whisper ingame or send an ingame mail to splown on kazzak.
    You can also add my battle tag - splown#2659

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    We are still looking for exceptional players!

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    We're still looking for more players.

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    We are still looking for good players. Currently we are looking for DK (dps), Boomkins and Hunters!

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    Bump - looking for an exceptional DK DPS!

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