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    Microphone / Mumble issue

    I'd been using a USB headset for quite a while, but after the right can went silent, I decided to get a new(non-USB) one.
    But the thing is, I can't seem to get the mic to work properly, at least on Mumble. I can hear my own voice clearly in the audio wizard and when looping it locally or through the server, but other people can't seem to hear me or they hear me REALLY quiet. At the Mumble website it is told that under these circumstances the problem lies in the other users, but how likely is it that nine people are having some issue that prevents them from hearing me just because I got a new headset?
    If anyone has experienced anything similar or know a solution, I would be delighted to get an answer or suggestions on what I should try in order to fix it.

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    In Windows XP try ticking the Mic +20db boost box. Double click the speaker then click the advanced button underneath the microphone slider to get...

    and tick the box. Should be a similar option in Win 7.

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