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    How did -you- get into your Heroic raid group?

    How many of you have had to server transfer, class / spec change, or wait months just to get into a guild that raids heroic content?

    I was told there was no opening for Rogues, and then got invited by the only Heroic guild on Horde for my server while playing my Blood DK a few weeks later. Once I got in they let me play my Rogue and I was actually destroying the other Rogues on the charts, but it still makes me kind of wonder how many good players out there actually find themselves unable to raid heroic content despite having the skill level to do so.

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    Never. /sadface

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    I have the ability to raid top end content. Most higher end guilds won't accept me cause my lackof top kills, despite ranking on nearly all normal mode fights.. Every guild i've been in since the start of mop has died cause of shit leadership who are corrupt or lazy. I've since went casual.
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    be aggressive, log your kills--even of lfr if thats all you can get. superior play will always attract the eyes of top guilds

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    They asked me to stay after being on trial for a little while and they had decided to switch from 25 to 10man, so I gladly accepted.

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    Not at all, I joined my first heroic progressive raiding guild through an application. When that guild fell apart I joined the next the same way. When that guild fell apart the top 1 guild of that server actually asked me to join, but I was about to migrate with my friends to make our own guild. Which is what we did, we're currently 15/16 heroic.

    I've seen a lot of those topics lately, and there's quite some misconceptions on how to get in a heroic guild, so I'm going to take the liberty, with above experience and as officer of our guild, to give some ideas on what not and what to do.

    - The most common thing we see is players who think they're really good, but really are not. Typically those are players who think they know, when they don't. There's varying degrees of this, but if you'd go to a few decent guild sites and go through the declined applications they've had, especially guilds who care to elaborate on why they were declined, should give you a decent idea. OP is kinda typical in this: "destroying the charts". Most people think it's all about the charts, and it's not. It's nice when you push the numbers, but that's not always going to be the reason you're in the raid. If, in your application, you don't show progressive knowledge like this, chances are you'll get declined because you just give off a waft of inexperience and possible even combined with arrogance.

    In short, you should never think you know it all, because you don't, not even top players do, every top player is constantly researching their class too, so there's no reason you should not be doing the same. This is really the overarching concern of the vast, vast applications I've seen in my wow raiding life, and it continues to this day. If you're not using simcrafting tools, not researching various sites, checking maths, etc., on your class, then chances are you'll get declined again and again in any decent raiding guild. If at any given moment you think you're a pro player, you're probably not, because there's constant ways to improve yourself and again, in most applications I've seen, applicants never gave off the sense they know or care about this.

    - Experience is overrated. You may think experience is a plus, when it's not necessarily. What most lower-heroic guilds (3 heroic kills-ish) will want of you is proof that you know what progressive raiding is and entails - weeks and weeks of wipes without you ragequitting, because the progress is what the guild is after. Guilds above that will want to know this too, but it really helps if you specifiy in your application what you'd do during the progress, too: show that for you progress is your #1 priority. If you haven't killed MSV heroic yet, but show a passion and dedication in your application about progressive raiding, especially if you have had experience in past expansions, this should be no major issue.

    - Always have logs. Even if they're just LFR logs. Show that you know when and how to use (raid)cds, that you did not get hit by shit, that your damage or mitigation or whatever role you're performing is good. Logs can tell you so much more, for example, it told us a shaman who applied was having a really rough time adjusting on newer fights, which proved to be entirley correct when we gave the shaman the benefit of the doubt and trialed him anyway. In the end we had to fail him because he was just not pulling his weight, in fact, he was a constant danger to the raid on new fights. So, be on your best behaviour when you post logs, and preferably provide several to give an accurate idea of what you're capable of.

    - Be specific. Don't quote sites, especially not sites like icyveins that are known for being horribly inaccurate and behind to boot. Make sure your information is correct, and that you know why it is correct: don't say "well EJ says int is my main stat", but clarify exactly why you agree (or not) with this. Edit to clarify: it's fine to provide sources of where you get your info from, just make sure those sites are actually trustworthy and make sure your application states you're always thinking for yourself, too (in a mathematical way, not a "haste feels better than crit" way).

    - More is better. Don't be needlessly "funny" in your applications, some personality is good, but don't overdo it. Be professional, concrete, to the point, and provide everything you can about your class, about your playstyle, about your gems, enchants, talent choices, current theorycrafting discussions, spec choice, stats and their pros, cons, weights and haste plateaus, about why you want to be in this guild and what is it about progress that you love so much, what you will contribute, and how, how you prepare, how you handle criticism, how you're open to new things, how you're available a lot, how flexible you are.

    - Finally, mind when you are applying. If your gear is shit and you're applying in the middle of the race, don't expect to be accepted. For us, now should be about an okay time to apply, we're largely done gearing, Sha of Fear is about to die, and we have plenty of time to trial you, gear you, get to know you - no risks to lose progress as we have at the start of the expansion when we had so many trials and we lost so many precious weeks on failing them. That's a risk guilds won't take unless absolutely necessary: so if you're applying during progress, make sure it's to a guild that asks for your specific class.

    Anyway, take a look at accepted applications from decent guilds, but also take a good look at declined ones. Hope I helped somewhat.
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    I was invited to my first raiding guild in Vanilla soon after I hit 60 because I wasn't terrible at dungeons. Probably easier to get into raids back then since they needed 40.

    Took a break at end of TBC. When I came back to the game in Ulduar, I joined a friend's guild as a non-raiding member. I was brought in to fill in spots when they were short. Since I didn't suck, they promoted me to raider.
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    Well back inn Cataclysme first weeks into it, my old server was offically dead. Barely any life, even with a new exspansion launched.

    So with only 1 guild that fitted my mimiumum requirement, it was easy to get into it. By the time off 4.3 we we're by far the best guild still alive on the server, even trough we sucked hard.

    So basicly, Dont shoot high, but know what you want. Stayed inn the guild to 4.3, then migrated.

    Edit; For my vanilla guild I was pretty much just invited cause of my IRL friends who told the officers I would likely be a good assets or whatever. So basicly had a guild once I hit 60.
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    Server transfer is out of question if one owns more than 50k though. Lvl 2 Guild transfer requires a credit card, so that's another no-go for the vast majority of players.

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    Cirque gives great advice in his post.

    Just to give a general elaboration, remember that applying to a raid guild is a lot like applying to a job. You're going to spend a lot of time with these people so intangibles often come into play. If you get past the application you usually interview with an officer of the guild, whether it be a class officer/role officer/raid leader etc. That interview can determine a lot. If you're going to spend hours wiping on content with someone, but can't stand them for five minutes in a vent interview, then chances are that you don't want them in your raid. Coming across as whiny, self righteous, antagonistic all hurt your chances immeasurably. Another big thing is whether you read as someone who will accept fault for their own mistakes and short comings. Reading an application where the person left a guild "because all the other members sucked" and left the guild before that "because they were sitting me despite me being better than everyone who made the raid" tends to be a warning flag.

    To paraphrase Cirque - be polite, professional, knowledgeable, and patient. Those traits can be far more important that being top of the charts on a parse.

    Also, related to parses - make sure your parse shows you performing your raid assignments and not just showing top numbers. A dps that doesn't show switches to ads or shows an obviously meter padded parse isn't helping thier case much.

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    Met a couple of people of our server first guild in a random dungeon, they liked me, we did more dungeons, was invited to their 25man alt run since they needed a healer, they found that I was good at doing my job and a few weeks later I got invited. Long story summed up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post
    about why you want to be in this guild
    How does one answer this one correctly? It seems to be a question that can lead to very high chance of making an app fail for some unknown reason.
    The vouch question is similarly hard to answer correctly.

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    The last heroic guild i was in was ICC 10, our GL was an insane ele shaman, and would consistently beat everyone in the charts, havent beat a heroic boss since Halfus

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    Good player close to always will find a spot in a good guild...for me I've always been in conflict with raiding with friends or proper raiding. This expension allows me to do both like in TBC. Well, it's not the Xpack, but I made my own 25m guild with friends and starting heroic soon (touched 10m heroic, but it's not the same as 25).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaul2013 View Post
    How many of you have had to server transfer, class / spec change, or wait months just to get into a guild that raids heroic content?

    I was told there was no opening for Rogues, and then got invited by the only Heroic guild on Horde for my server while playing my Blood DK a few weeks later. Once I got in they let me play my Rogue and I was actually destroying the other Rogues on the charts, but it still makes me kind of wonder how many good players out there actually find themselves unable to raid heroic content despite having the skill level to do so.
    Went to realm forum pages for our time zone and posted that we were interested in progression raiding but wanted people who took their time seriously and actually knew what they were doing. It happened there was a guild that wanted older players who wanted to progress as they split into 3 10s for WotLK raiding. We looked them up, talked to the GM and his wife, then transferred 12 max toons to their server and have been happily raiding in one of the best 10m guilds on the server while only raiding 2 nights a week.

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    Joined bad guild on backwater realm, found unexperienced raid leader with a lot of enthusiasm, helped him out and 5 years, a realm transfer and tons of ups and downs later we are in top100. One hell of a ride.

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    Got asked to join, and asked again, and again, and again, for about a month, until I agreed to join.

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    Do what we did and build your own heroic raiding guild: Recruit good people, watch vids, plan your strats, wipe away, profit.
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    I was lucky, i found my group in Vanilla, patch 1.3 i think. I'm raiding with this same guild now, almost everyone changed, there are only like 3 players that play same time as me.

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    For me, it was a PUG.

    Towards the end of DS, my guild stopped raiding, and stuck at Spine HC. So nothing to do, too late to try get into another raid group, I PUG and found this group that runs PUG every week, some of them run on multiple characters, and with that group I actually downed Deathwing HC, and got invited in on weekly basis.

    MoP come out, guild doesn't look any better, so managed to get into PUG runs with that group again, after 2-3 weeks, I just left guild and join them instead. Now I am raiding with this "PUG" group now (they still randomly drag a few people in from time to time), and managed to raid 1 night a week only and got Delver title and 2 HC down in HoF, pretty glad with the progression as 1 night a week still leave me ton of free time to do things

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