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    Making an educated server decision.

    I am looking for a new server to play Alliance on. I recently rolled on Shu'halo which is currently the PvE New Players server but it is in the Phoenix Datacenter and I am getting much higher latency than I would like.

    I am looking for a PvE server, medium to high population, large Alliance population, in the New York datacenter. Where would I look to get a decent picture of where I want to roll? How accurate is something like warcraft realms? Thinking of just combining warcraftralms, wowprogress, and the old wowwiki info to find a place. This seem like the best course of action?

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    I would do the following:

    1. If you haven't already, log onto a server or two in the NY Datacenter to make sure the lag issue is resolved (the problem could be with your ISP).

    2. Google guilds on the servers you are considering. Look for ones that share your goals and look like a good fit for you.

    3. Make a lowbie toon and contact those folks (assuming you cannot through a website or something) and have a chat with some of them. Personal contact with people on the realm who yhou might want to play with beats all other sources of information.

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