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    Question G Bank setup for leveling guild

    Hello everyone,
    I'm in the process of reorganizing the gbank for my guild which is a casual leveling guild. I want to keep it simple and stock up on only a few leveling worthy items, but in bulk.
    So far I have Rumsey Rum Black Label, Superior Wizard and Mana Oils, Cloths of all kinds, and Netherweave Bags.
    Are there any other items I should be stocking up on that are good for levelers? I have not seen any melee equivalent to the Superior Wizard Oil so if someone can help me out there, it is much appreciated. Also, are there any items I could stock up on to also cater to lvl 90s? Thanks again for all the help.

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    The melee equivalent would probably be sharpening stones / weightstones made by blacksmiths. Dense Weighstone for example. Maybe some elixirs of the basic offensive stats. Starter glyphs if you feel generous...those are usually kind of spendy for new players anyway.

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    Once upon a time blacksmiths (or was it miners?) used to be able to create sharpening stones which improved weapon dmg acting as a "melee equivalent". No idea if they are still in the game though or were removed :/

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    I find that nobody really uses any of the lower enchants and greens. In my lvling guild I just have the first tab open to everyone (tabards, cheap bags, random greens) and the other tabs are lvl 90 stuff only open to officers. You will get a lot of ninjas and guild hoppers in a lvling guild, so high repairs and good gear is not worth it.

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