Followers of Medivh is now based on Ravencrest. Starting this Sunday, our main team will be transferring from Dragonblight to Ravencrest. If our guild interests you, but you didn't like the look of the server, this will be our new hiding place.

<Followers of Medivh> is an Alliance PVE raiding guild on Ravencrest that has existed since June 2006. Raiding since Karazhan in The Burning Crusade, we have been going from strength to strength in 25-mans downing all end of expansion bosses and achieving consistently good progress in 25-man heroics.
Since May, we have transitioned to two 10 man teams.
In December we disbanded one team and are now one 10 man.

Current progress: SoO 10/14 heroic Team 1

Tanks - Open
Healers - Open
Dps - Ranged

If you feel like you're an exceptional player, feel free to make an application regardless of our current recruitment.

Contact Details:

Guild Master: Durilix
Officers: Nemisus, Worgenke, Cadance

What we look for in applicants:

First of all, we expect the applicants to have good knowledge of the class and role they play. Usually, when you post an application on our website, an officer or member of this guild will be more than willing to give you advice should they see anything that could use improvement from your character's Armory page, but then it is generally advisable that you apply their advice to your character. Additionally, you are expected to be doing regular research about your own class. Remember, there is always room for improvement, no matter how skilled you are!

Secondly, we expect the applicant to be adaptable to change. Yes, patch day comes and then there will be times where you will need to re-adapt to the class or role that you play.

Thirdly, we expect applicants who are of DPS role to do more damage in raids than they do on dummies.

Lastly, the applicant must have a decent level of understanding of the English language (both written and spoken).

Previous Raid Progress:

TBC: We had cleared all content except Sunwell. We have, at the time, managed to achieve 7th place on the Hellfire EU server, which is quite a marvelous achievement for us as the guilds on that server were very competitive back in those days.

WOTLK: We had cleared all content, including heroic modes, except for Lich King heroic 25-man. We had, however, completed that on 10man although 10-man's has never been our primary focus as a raiding guild.

Cataclysm: We cleared all content on normal mode, in heroic mode we got to 6/8 10 and 25-man in Dragon Soul.

MoP : End of 5.1: 6/16 heroic 25 man
End of 5.3: 11/13 heroic 10 man