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    Warrior LF 3v3 team on Ragnaros EU

    Hey Everyone Im a warrior which has only been at 1990 exp in 3v3 as KFC back in cataclysm, however. A lot of people i have been doing arena with have told me Im one of the best warriors they ever played with. Not saying this because I want pride or anything :x I just want that freaking 2.2k raiting before patch 5.2. So Im open for any team that has something to do with a warrior
    If you wonder how my play style is like.. Check out my Youtube www.Youtube.com/Naiight
    Here I Play KFC for lols with some Irl friends that just dinged with some alts
    If you think you wanna play with me add me on skype "Nicolai_hg".
    If you think this was a waste of time. Feel free to rage, tho keep in mind I dont care and I just wanted see if there was anyone here that wanted to play with me and hit the 2.2k raiting in 3v3
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    I shall play with you!

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