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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadmauselol View Post
    personally i cant keep playing the same WoW system. Get gear, raid, get better gear, raid, get even better gear, level up and do some heroics. Rinse repeat.
    Not saying i dont like WoW, i just cant keep doing the same thing if its not fun and i play video games for fun.

    Also the pvp has gotten worse each expansion.
    The key part is fun. But any game that offers a progression system will always be Do X, get Y, rinse repeat. For some reason though a lot of people that have this complaint against WoW think that it will be different with a new game. But the only difference in the end is that the Art is different. Which is also why those "new" games don't tend to retain players.

    If you are looking for brand new game play then you can't really look to the conventional mmo. You have to look towards different game types all together. Because as long as it has a progression system you will always be doing the same things for a reward over and over. It will always happen with those types unless you stop playing the game. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way but you won't really find a difference elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtua View Post
    At this point though, the gaming masses have moved onto Call of Duty, DOTA 2 and LoL. The spotlight is now on those games, and probably will be on those games for quite a few more years before some other big gaming craze comes along.
    The for the moment type gamers might have moved on but the masses are still playing WoW. The problem is that when a game has constant 10+ million subscriber base for 8 years you have a lot of turn over. For every person you have quitting you have new people taking their place. The thing is there isn't just WoW gaining these above average numbers anymore. It is just WoW for their type of game but you have others in their genre that are the WoW's of their genre.
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    I really don't think the masses are still playing WoW. Last I read, over 5 million of WoW's subscribers were Chinese, and as long as they logged in once that month they were considered an active subscriber (they pay by the hour). I also have a strong feeling that next quarterly report will show WoW around 8 million subscribers, because the last count was taken right after an expansion launch in which a lot of people (like me) reactivate for a month just to see the new lore and zones, then move on.

    Call of Duty has been huge for many years now, and each game manages to sell millions of copies within the first week of release. LoL is the most played game in the world. DOTA 2 is the most played game in Steam. Those are what the masses are playing at the moment.

    EDIT: Some quick sources before I head off to bed...

    (DOTA 2 is always on top as far as I can tell, and by a significant margin at that)
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    You can't say Enthusiasm for WoW is dwindling because 'Servers appear to have lower pops then 2 months ago', that's just absurd to even state.

    I think the title would be better phrased, "Is YOUR enthusiasm for WoW dwindling?" and then perhaps obtaining and having a discussion about people's view on the state of the game.

    For me my enthusiasm for WoW hasn't dwindled, but merely I've got alot more going on in my Real Life that needs to be taken care of before Video Games. Since WoW (Mainly raiding) was the biggest culprit for making me lose time, it was the Game that had to take the cut. Personally I think this is what happens to alot of people, but instead of blaming their lives and the need to simply slow down, they try and blame the game. Naturally that's not all people, but I think that kind of thought process happens alot more then what you might think.

    Most likely if you pulled aside any newcomer to the game that's enjoying it, I'd say they're probably having just as much fun with MOP as those of us who our first end game experiences were Vanilla/TBC. Better for new people to start now in MOP, then to reach the end-game that was Cataclysm after 4.0

    MOP has more content then ever before and the quality is extremely high, if enthusiasm is dwindling it is simply the natural course of an old game and people getting naturally bored, because even if the content is great it is in reality the same thing that we were doing yesterday and even 7 years ago.

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    Also if I could add, I'm 20 (for date purposes) and the first Warcraft game I picked up was reign of chaos which would make me about 10 or so years old. The reason why I'm saying this is because I was there before Arthas was the Lich King and before Illidan was the betrayer. Now its just not as captivating as it was for me so many years ago. The new characters, while still cool in their own right just don't have that same badass feeling that they once had. Not saying this to knock Blizzard, just saying that they set their own bar so freaking high that it's hard for someone like me to appreciate the new stuff as much as I'd like to. In addition, there are characters that are still there that I still love (Sylvanas...wait thats it), but they dont get enough love ingame, so far that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    Its not that they arent "the same," its that they are the same boss. "Hai i kild stone boses wit moar health and 1 other ability!" Its the same boss with more health and a new trick. Its not a totally seperate encounter, which is what the TBC bosses offered. Once you killed it, you were triumphant over that boss FOREVER. You never had to see it again with a new trick up its sleeve.
    Nope you had to see it again and again and again and again with the same abilities each time. If I have to farm something repeatedly it is rather nice that the nice time I go in the instance to fight it it may be more difficult this time around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangodo View Post
    Ooh God, after Jaylock, Shadee and Quras we get muchtoohigh! God help us all :')

    But you've been calling this since Cataclysm!
    1. I really don't see where the game is simple, shallow or hollow.
    2. I disagree about not having any depth to it.
    3. I really wonder why you are still so much on a WoW-forum? Isn't it clear that the direction you dislike is the one they are going to follow?
    Don't forget Jaylock has 'quit for good' what 30 times now?> yet still insists on posting these wow is dying threads that represent his opinion as fact.

    It's jaylock I learnt some time ago to not put too much time into these threads because he does it just to create argument and drama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nouk View Post
    Haha, well, people who compare TBC's Raid Content to todays always make me chuckle. So cute.
    "We had ADDS to control! All the while we had to dodge a void zone! And we had a friggin' DPS Check, can you imagine THAT? Stuff was CRAZY hard man!"

    BC had some nice encounters, sure. But an assload of crappy ones to bloat the Raids, too.

    I find it fascinating too, that the Players have the exercise of 6 years playing this game, and consuming the content, and then think that this magically also empowers the Dev's to work faster. Guess what, they may have streamlined their workflow ALOT since back in the day, but it still takes the same effort than before. Concept's, both Art and Game-Design, still have to be thought of , iterated, corrected and then implemented. You can't shortcut this process.
    There was no real dps check in BC until Sunwell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    Its just your biased opinion that hellfire is a bad zone. I quite enjoy leveling through the zone, as it is lore intensive. Its a nicely designed zone too. Its got that stark reddish landscape that really makes it feel alien and near to space. The sky looks amazing there too.

    Blades edge isnt a bad zone either. It is varied and each little pocket is a new area with different and interesting quests. I admit, it was a pain to level through it during TBC when you didnt have flying until 70, but now that you can fly at 60, it makes the zone super fun. Try leveling there next time you are level 65ish, its not bad at all.
    That's also your biased opinion.

    I think those zones are bland and terrible.

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    Please can you let WoW die in peace... But guess what if WoW dies the mmo sub model will truly tank (it tanking already no doubt)... I here person say they would give WoW another chance if there is no sub-model, but guess what if you weren't will to stuck around when there is a sub model you won't stick around long when its F2P either because the game has Gotten old so it going f2p wont suddenly renew your spirits in it for long...

    Blizz like Apple should be happy they have such a good following that other dev's seem to can't get a hold of... To this day i continue to play wow and while my server has gone down from medium population to low most of the times..

    I see it has yes the game is old but yo know why person stay.... attachment and there not being a viable alternative out there... Blizz themselves will have to tank WoW and i suspect that when there new MMO drop they will either offer a bundle that if you sub to one you get half-off the other game sub (just guessing here).

    Show me a MMO that enthusiasm hasn't dwindle over the years the game has been out.. PLus person saying is the same thing over and over just repackage differently, but no one want to suggest whats the drastic change thats needed..

    Quite simple the MMO genre has peaked..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luciferiuz View Post
    That would be odd. If that was what I said. Which it isn't.

    What I said was that I would never argue about "wasting time" in a videogame I play specifically for enjoyment in my spare time because I don't agree that that is a waste.

    Now did you have a valid point to add or were you happier discussing the semantics of my sentence construction?

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    I don't necessarily agree with this. Sure the fights were simpler, but they were tuned well. I remember Maiden for example with the pillars and holy fire dispell as a fairly simple fight which still gave a pretty great challenge when you were learning the encounter. The same can be said for Attumen, Big Bad Wolf and a bunch of other bosses.

    Which ones would you consider "crappy"?
    My point is simple, once a person has completed the raid content at their desired skill level, its no good saying -" you cant be bored go do heroic". Blizzard allow their content to be done by someone without a guild, without the time for proper raiding or without a brain but that is their policy. I dont agree with it but they want access for all and being a white knight im sure you think its great , the downside ofc is their content is blown away in an afternoon and theres the fault in the system.

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    Another Jaylock thread. Riveting.

    Infracted. Please post constructively.
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    Personally I haven't really bothered much outside of soloing older raids for stuff. The new daily hub was boring after a week, also need to do Anglers rep but again it's just slow and boring.

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    I still haven't managed to get any of my characters to 90, finding the MoP quests can't hold my interest for more than minutes at a time, not sure if it is the quest design or just boredom. Been playing since early vanilla but stopped raiding in earnest after ToC as well, did one LFR in DS but just seem to prefer levelling alts up to the 80s now. Probably time to unsub sometime soon. Can't even seem to find enthusiasm for PVP anymore and I hit HWL and glad, so did enjoy it.

    Wonder if my gaming is just coming to an end now, been gaming for around 32 years and can't seem to get interested in anything new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The EagleOwl Mage View Post
    Another Jaylock thread. Riveting.
    Or ... How to launch a new negative thread every week with a variant of the WoW should really be dying theme...

    I have an advice: give it up dude. WoW will be here for the next 10 years as most played mmorpg. 2012 has come and gone and the only thing SwTor and GW2 managed to do is to promote WoW as the only real thing to play in the long run. Even with a yearly 180 price tag, western WoW players outnumber these F2P thingies by a very wide margin.

    Imagine a tv series where you need to pay 1 dollar per broadcast to keep watching and it would have 5-10 times more viewers than free to play stuff... Incredible really.

    I didn't play in the last month at all, but surely I have the intelligence to know my life cycle is not representative for any one else. If I want to play a fantasy mmorpg, I choose WoW. Like most people with half a brain will do.

    Why would the majority play another fantasy mmorpg if the biggest content, most polished, most popular mmo is already there for the grabs.

    And another thing: forums have ZERO impact on the playing habits of people. ZERO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenBos View Post
    If I want to play a fantasy mmorpg, I choose WoW. Like most people with half a brain will do.
    That's a bit mean, don't you think...

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    Personally I do think wow is declining overall; this has nothing to do with the game itself, which is still great.
    Being around for this long, will end up in some sort of decline eventually, that is logical.
    Now the big thing is if wow is able to hold on to it's subs.
    For that wow should have something which will keep players playing.

    I personally don't think that dailies are going to do that in the long run. But that is something the future will reveil.
    What the game needs is something I don't know either as I am not a game-designer nor am I part of the world of game-creations.
    I leave that for the guys who are specialized in that field.

    I am a player and I can look at this game as a player only. I am playing since TBC, nearly end of it.
    All I can say that I log on less, even if I have the time to play. Normally when I got the time I would log on and do stuff, nowadays wow isnot my first choice.
    The reason for this is simple: I am enjoying my time online less and less.
    I don't like the grindy nature of MoP, the slow progression and also the fact that I can't get to play my alts.
    I like to experience this game from different perspectives, so I have 11 chars I want to play. MoP is giving me the chance to do this in a, for me, satisfactory way.

    I can't say it is one thing, but all kind of different things added up, makes me not log on as often as I did.
    Even farming at my ranch sometimes makes me irritated. There I am, tilling the soil.. then I have to fight birds, virmen, do other stuff and then I get to till it. Planting something can get me irritated also, as there is not a single plant that will grow without issues. I have to do something with every single plant before I can leave.
    I use this as an example, just to give an impression of what I mean.

    This single thing is not a bad thing but add this up to for example running weeks and weeks of lfr without a single drop (litterly 0 drops) and the slow rep grind before you get some recipe/patron for your prof, low droprates for questitems, longer fights killing some simple rabbit or npc's.. well add it all up and it really gets to me on some days.

    I don't know if Blizzard will evaluate this as positive but for me it certainly makes it boring as time goes by. I can't say this goed for a lot of players but reading mmo-c, it seems it certainly goes for some others also.

    So yeah, my enthusiasm is decreasing.

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    LoL is the most played game in the world.
    Only because it's free to play without restrictions (other textures/models don't count as they don't change the gameplay).
    Personally I find it horribly boring, because you do, level and buy the same stuff every game.

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    Almost all my friends left a while after mop. Some reasons I heard was Server A:H ratio, BG bots, too grindy but noone said it was plain boring.

    I still have lots of fun. I find the lvl 85-90 leveling very boring for some reason.

    Just wish I had more time to play since everyone and their mother amongst my friends and relatives turns to me with computer problems :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    Only because it's free to play without restrictions (other textures/models don't count as they don't change the gameplay).
    Personally I find it horribly boring, because you do, level and buy the same stuff every game.
    There are plenty of other free-to-play games without restrictions, LoL is popular because it's fairly balanced and easily the most accessible MOBA.EDIT: Also, if you're buying the same stuff every game, playing the same champions,'re playing the game wrong. Don't blame the game when you don't know how to play it! What you said is the equivalent of saying, "all you do in WoW is dailies."

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    Quote Originally Posted by thevoicefromwithin View Post
    That's a bit mean, don't you think...
    He gets a tad defensive when it comes to WoW. Just a tad. Lol.
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    I find its because of mop, I just dont like the expansions theme I cant get into the lore to me im sorry I know its a cliche but it really does feel like a kung fu panda rip off, even the sha dont make up for the obvious fact that this is the kind of thing that should really have been kept as the `joke` that the pandarian were, dont get me wrong this isnt a `im quitting the expansions rubbish` thing I still play wow im leveling another alt as we speak, but to be honest its all to get ready for the next expansion whatever that may be, I dont want to quit wow but I have no desire to play through silly panda land anymore then I have to, outland was epic, northrend was epic....pandaria?still feels like a big joke to me. I think the next expansion is going to be make or break for me, I enjoy wow as a whole thats why I havnt quit however I will be putting my chars on hiatus once ive hit max level and theyre ready for the next exp, In the meantime I will be playing rift mop content is just a bore for me I cant get into it at all and the new rift content really IS epic

    I think one thing wow has going for it is the other games in the genre cannot compare, wow is like the masterwork, I really like rift and some of the ideas and the theme of that game have kept me playing however some of the others are just dull after a while, ive got an account on swtor and I was really hoping for a lot from that game as I love the star wars universe however the content wasnt all that and I havnt paid for any gametime on that for a long time, same with guild wars 2 I dont know if its just me or the fact I havnt gotten past low level content yet but the gameworld seems empty compared to wow, guild wars 2 to me feels like a skyrim kind of game rather then an yeah I play rift when im bored of wow but I will never quit entirly...just hoping for more from the next expansion in the way of serious content rather then some novelty race and content themed around them with which blizz have gone way way overboard with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtua View Post
    There are plenty of other free-to-play games without restrictions, LoL is popular because it's fairly balanced and easily the most accessible MOBA.EDIT: Also, if you're buying the same stuff every game, playing the same champions,'re playing the game wrong. Don't blame the game when you don't know how to play it! What you said is the equivalent of saying, "all you do in WoW is dailies."[COLOR="red"]

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    it is not because LOL is most played game on Xfire that LOL is most played game outside that tool.

    On the contrary:

    On a survey done by Nielsen a year ago ..., WOW was played 2 times more than LOL in the US.

    ----btw Nielsen is professionally known to do these studies scientifically around the world.

    Makes you think who OWNS Xfire doesn't it ?

    Yep , your first thought is right: the same group that publishes LOL...

    BTW: Did you know WOW- 32 bit ... is no longer tracked by Xfire since the middle of last year:

    I quote:

    "With the release of patch 5.04, all systems will now have the 64-bit executable for the game regardless of whether you use it or not. With the way we have the definition written, Xfire detects the 64-bit executable first, even on 32-bit systems. Because of this reason, anybody running a 32-bit OS, will need to manually detect wow.exe in order for Xfire to work with it."

    Although they claim they worked on it, the issue is still not resolved. Even 64 bit systems suffer, WOW is no longer detected in auto mode on Xfire.

    I quote: "UPDATE: It appears that the registry key change that I made in the last update on this game will not work on Vista/7 32-bit systems as Wow6432Node keys are present on these OSs. So the only way to get around this is to either manually detect wow.exe or to delete Wow-64.exe and run a game scan. Most systems running Vista/7 will have the ability to use DirectX 11 (depending on your video card), so you will still need to change your In-Game Renderer to D3D11 in order to get XIG to function. "

    I am running 64 bit Win 7 ... and WOW is not even tracked on this machine either...(at least not until last month, the time I stopped playing WOW for a bit).

    So far Xfire. Or how half of the video game industry is taken by the nose for the last 2 years total. You see Xfire is bought by the same Chinese group that distributes LOL in ... Asia. rather good joke really. You see 2 years ago - on acquiring Xfire - the LOL activity quadrapulled on Xfire (due to the Asian input).

    I can't stop laughing at these fools who downloaded LOL because it was number one on Xfire ... Well you should have known better really. Much telling that every time these LOL guys meet they don't even come to half of the BlizzCon esport participants...

    Well : you read it here first.

    I am VERY curious about the latest study coming from Nielsen (situation 2013) in this regard and will not hesitate to publish this scientific research in most gaming forums. As even a lackluster tool like Warcraft realms shows MORE activity in WOW than this time last year...

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