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    if 10 million people were on a server...

    How much space do you think we would take up in Azeroth? Assuming we were standing shoulder to shoulder, one in front of the other.

    EDIT: Just in theory, server and practical issues aside.
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    Interesting question.

    Maybe all of northrend until someone throws a chair, then it would become the greatest PVP event ever.

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    None, because the server would crash and nobody would be logged in.

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    I always wished for this, saying lag wasn't an issue. I mean blizzard would have to expand cities and some people would stay at towns all across Azeroth who don't like the city "Hustle and Bustle" and PvP Would be INSANE!
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    interesting idea. unfortunately i think it would be utterly impossible for one server to handle that big of a load. not to mention your own pc would probably not be able to render everything properly or even finish loading itself. can you imagine if everyone started casting their aoe spells?

    even playing on a medium pop server didnt help during the opening of the aq gates. the whole kalimdor continent was a lagfest and the intial banging of the gong was a literal slide show.

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