Name: Azar'zer
Age: 60410 (Since K'areshes destruction isn't said to have happen on any specific time)
Race: Ethereal
Gender: Male
Class: Illusionist/Mage

Languages: Ethereal, Common.

Faction: The Consortium

Personality: Vendor/Travling

Likes/Dislikes: Hates Void, Likes.. Well.. Other ethereals.

Appearance: Purple Ethereal caster with a device that can make a portable purple ethereal blade using a mana-crystal, and a staff with a giant diamond on the top, it's purple because of the arcane inside it, Robe colors and shoulders: Black, Glow Color: Purple.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: Arcane, Slow Opponents. Weaknesses: Fel, Arcane Draining Things.

History: Born on the ethereal homeworld K'aresh, Azar'zer once upon becoming how they look like today, he fought the void, he slaugthered as many as possible until they fled to outlands, after that, he sold things around outland, when the dark portal finally appeared, Azar'zer traveled through it and is now selling and helping adventurers with their problems, for the most.