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    How to name a Pandaren?

    So I've been posting allot in the rp thread and I'm trying to figure out who/what to make as my first rp character (I'm having a problem deciding which idea to go with first! So many! xD) and I noticed that there was no naming "Guide" or tips for Pandaren or a Life span for that matter. Just wondering if anyone could direct me where I can find this info or what they know as far as naming/life span is for Pandaren.

    Thanks for any and all help! :]

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    Name for pandaren should sound chinese-like, in my opinion. Im not playing on RP server, but my pandarens are named Shenzhu and Zhangshi. ;P

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    Check again, there's something for pandaren.

    And check the names of famous pandaren, you'll find a pattern. Asian name, somewhat of an elvish-style last name (though less forest naturey)

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    I just checked Khoriana's thread on naming characters and didn't find anything but I will look further into that!

    Thanks for the tips guys! ^>^

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    I gave chinese names to my pandarens:

    Monk: Móguǐ (Demon)
    Shaman: Zìránjiè (Nature)

    Checked on internet for the translation (hoping it means what it really means)!
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    I suggest something like this. I used your forum name / title as a name and surename, join date as your birsday and i got those names out:
    nu =


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    I named mine to a chinese dish xD Babipangang :P
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    pandaria DOES NOT equal asia, just sayin

    go with something intelligent, not a random ass wangchun or a ziukwon or leefwang

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auberdeen View Post
    pandaria DOES NOT equal asia, just sayin

    go with something intelligent, not a random ass wangchun or a ziukwon or leefwang

    hashtag YoLo
    I was actually going to name his Riceball... haha jkz, Yea I want to make sure that his name is freaking awesome and has some meaning and depth to it.

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    I always rather liked the name Lucian and so called my Pandaren Liushen. I also have the name Wonton taken on Sha'tar EU if I ever return.
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    If Chinese names aren't floating your boat you could also cheat with Laotian, Vietnamese, Thai, and so on. Baby name sites are great for this. You also don't have to use the same patterns of the game since they are somewhat ridiculous often combining two languages separately for first and last names (as in Chen Stormstout). If you want to be truly traditional to many asian cultures the family name comes first. Make sure you double check the naming conventions of the culture you borrow from though as this is not always true.

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    I chose my Pandaren Monk's name based on love of alcohol, being round and happy, and love of martial arts.


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    So I just used the website that Descense posted and put in all the info, etc and came up with some different options for my names. Theses are the symbols/names and their translations (as listed on the site)

    Ji - Foundation, Base

    Ning - Repose, Serenity, Peace; Peaceful

    Zhi - Purpose, Will, Determination

    Nu - Exert, Strive, Make effort

    I was thinking of possibly combining 2-3 of those to make a name for him. Rather cool tool that Descense provided! Anyone stuck on naming their Pandaren should definitely give it a try!


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    yea defo on the chinese vibe especially with monk

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    Mine is Haranto, named after the Tauren DK in the TCG =D

    Just look around, pandaren names are easy:

    Just pick between Paw, Keg, Fist, Chi, Shen, Chang, Chen, Chan etc and combine with Chun, Li, Weaver, Lee, Ley, Loo, Brew, Brawl.

    f.e. Pawchun, Fistley, Shenli, Kegbrawl
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    You can search up a list of Chinese monarchs / emperors from the past.

    Here's a list from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chinese_monarchs

    There are some cool names out there!

    I got my name from this list, my panda monk is called Gaozong

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    *Skips in to throw a little copy-paste from Wowpedia in here.*


    Pandaren naming practices are similar to those of humans: each pandaren has a given name and a surname. The names themselves, of course, are different.[16]
    -Male Names: Chen, Jinto, Kesha, Masha, Mushi, Polo, Sinjo.
    -Female Names: Huan, Jiang, Lian, Mei, Ping, Shui, Zi.
    -Surnames: Earthsong, Greentouch, Honeybrew, Lightgrace, Reedwine, Sweetbarrow, Swiftpaw.

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    Whenever I want to put some name, I always think chocolate milk, so always refer to it lol

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    Probably Xin Zhao or Jarvan IV!

    eheh but seriously, something chinese, or something to do with the elements or with beer! a perfect example of how these 2 come together: Stormstout ^^

    hope i was helpful!

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    When you sneeze next time, try to remember how it sounded like and then pronounce/write down.

    100% success rate guaranteed.
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