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    How much gold would you spend on ashbringer?

    so say one of the ashbringers showed up on the bmah how much gold would you bid for it before you said "thats enough"
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    A few thousand at most. It is a pretty old/ugly model.
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    999,999g on the corrupted version.

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    none, it's a peice o'junk. Now if they had a high poly count mop quality version that that would be different.

    Also corrupted version ftw

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    nothing , cant use it ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    999,999g on the corrupted version.
    If I had it, this. I honestly wonder if they might actually put it up there one day. Most players at this point in the game have never seen one/don't even know what it is.

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    I'd offer the buyer one night of free access to my Azerothian harem full of Night Elf, Blood Elf, Draenei, troll, undead, and orcish women. (We're working on the other races.)

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    Not much, it doesn't fit in well with my transmog sets, and I have some better looking weapons, so I'd probably not sink a lot of gold on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    999,999g on the corrupted version.
    This, if I could transmog it and I had that much. Well, that and if it didn't show up regularly on the BMAH :P 0g if it was a re-occurring thing.

    One warrior on my original server got it, and then he didn't even come back to play in BC ;_;

    I think it still looks awesome, and unique as all hell.
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    It's not really that impressive of a model, being all squat and blocky. So you'd really just be buying it to go stand in the front of your bank/AH of choice so everyone could look at it and go:

    "ZOMG! THAT IS COOL WHERE DID YOU GET IT!!! I bet that was some kind of amazingly epic feat involving some insane raid achievements!!! "
    "Naww, snagged it off the BMAH"

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    Im pretty sure Blizz said it was a mistake letting people get it in the past, they didnt want anyone with such an iconic weapon so being on the BMAH is very unlikely

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    999k for the sake of putting it on my Fel guard sup? Unfortunately I don't have my source of income in this server due to my alts being not here thus I can't really buy a dam thing haha

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    A helluva lot

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    maybe like 10000-20000g just for the novelty

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    The original Ashbringer is the coolest looking paladin weapon in the game imo.

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    None, I don't care much for it, especially not if I have to spend lots of gold to get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitewind View Post
    Im pretty sure Blizz said it was a mistake letting people get it in the past, they didnt want anyone with such an iconic weapon so being on the BMAH is very unlikely
    They put in a lot of scripted events for it being a mistake :P

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    None, it makes a HORRIBLE mace. The handle is WAY too uncomfortable to hold.
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    0, I can already have the actual ashbringer every 2 minutes \o/
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