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    ilvl 479 2h Frost DK lf Raiding guild 10m or 25m

    Character Name: Kushrolled Current Server: Illidan PVP- US
    Currently 4/6 on MSV normal.
    The reason I'm so low on prog is because I came into MoP very late, Ive only been on this xpac for about a month.
    Willing to raid on anyday from 7-11pm EST.
    19 years of age and in college.
    Running WoW on an asus laptop, but I don't ever have lag whatsoever.
    I love to max out on anything Im playing.
    I read guides, watch videos, tinker with stats, etc.
    Played since Wrath.
    Some heroic experience in wrath and cata.
    Willing to server x-fer, but not too sure about faction changing as well.
    Looking for 10m or 25m, but prefer 25m really.
    Battle Tag: IDoThis#1835
    Feel free to add me to ask any more questions in game or post on here as well.
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