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    Selling Herald of the Titans-achievement HORDE ONLY


    This is not allowed on this site
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    Damn, that's some easy cash if people actually pay for it. Can boost 7 people at once, that's 350k for 30 minutes of work.

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    i dident pay a thing, im happy for that :P

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    Selling achievements/titles isn't allowed on the forums.

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    The achievement lost its value with account wide crap.

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    You aren't allowed the advertise selling or trading on MMChamp.

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    lost its value.. i think the account wide achievement would be good.. just the title should have left with the expansion. No, i'm not trying to be a special snowflake either, i don't have it. Killed Algalon shortly before lich king :-/
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    Never ask for logic in a game that mails you dragons.

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    especially not when it involves accoun sharing aswell lol

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