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    I got perma banned, first offense in Vanilla. Granted that was a while ago, it was done in one of the "waves" of bans. I probably used the program for 2-3 weeks, for a total of about 20 hours.
    Things may have changed, but they do ban people.
    The problem with bots getting banned, is that they REALLY have to investigate, because if you were accused by another player, or even a bunch of players of botting, and you got a warning or suspension, you know damn well you'd be very upset.

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    I've had several guildies get their accounts banned because they were botting BGs.

    They take a break until the bot program they used was updated.

    They buy a new copy of WoW and bot to level and then bot BGs again.

    The only time i've seen them stop botting(for a while) is when Blizz did sweeping bans and the bot forums were stirred up about it.
    They know the risk, they're willing to take it, and they don't think its a waste of money. They think its better than wasting time (running BGs/leveling on their own)

    Time after time I'd suggest they stop, but they won't because thats how they want to enjoy the game.
    They were willing to take the risk so I didn't bother them too much :/

    TBH its a losing battle for Blizz and the players as long as developing WoW Bot programs is profitable.

    Its like the anti virus programs(or real life medical science). You can't prevent a new infection, you can only react when one has already caused a problem.
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