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    For your first kill, you will probably really need some help from the RNG.
    We two heal it, but we have a shadow priest and an enhance shaman who can help with healing inside the totems if there is no healer available.
    We usually send our shadow priest to kill spirits on his own whenever he is available. He can heal himself up without any problems. If there are many adds, he is supported by another DPS. While the shadow has the debuff we send two other DPS down.
    The healers usually go down to heal people up and leave the spirit world after less than 10 seconds to support with healing dolls.
    If one healer has a debuff and the other has a doll and your shadow can't go down either, perhaps your warlock can go down alone and heal himself up.
    DoT classes are very strong for this encounter because they really lower damage spikes on the tank and the dolls.

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    We found it pretty easy to control the adds in the spirit realm so we decided we didn't need to send 2 dps each totem. We sent 1 dps on the first totem, 2 on the second, then 1 on the third and so on, alternating 1 and 2. Yeah we got less of the DPS buff but honestly we didn't seem to have an enrage issue to the point that maximising that mechanic was that important.

    We prioritised our multidotters and we three healed it.

    On the pull we had healers DPSing until heroism wore off. Our resto druid with HoTW did a respectable amount of damage.

    HoP does drop the fixate now, it worked the other week but this week HoP was causing problems. It's good if you want to force a tank change for some reason but that's it.

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    My guild did it with 3 healers and really have no problems with RNG. If your guild doesn't have good DPS then like many players have said, you will hit the enrage this way.

    Our comp is
    H: holy paladin, mistweaver monk and discipline priest
    T: blood dk, protection paladin
    D: hunter, rogue, boomkin, elemental shaman, frost dk

    First totem, I'd go in with one dps and spam heal them till around 5 seconds left and leave. Gara'jal will voodoo one person in the mean time and the healer that was left would go in with two other dps (not the elemental shaman). From there, we would just rotate but doing it this way, you must mast heal the dps in the totem (and you have the luxury of doing that with three healers) so they get maxed out on the buff. For either the third or fourth totem, there would be a mixture of people with the debuff and the voodoo so we would send the elemental shaman in with a healer. They have a very easy time finishing off a large part of the mobs.

    Just two things:
    - We blood lust at beginning and have everyone (including healers) straight out dps the boss so by the time the totem comes up he's already at around 75%
    - Prioritize dpsing the tank adds every totem if they're in there except for the last totem if you're having a lot of adds up, killing the adds and letting the tank die is better than leaving more adds up for the last berserk phase

    Good luck!

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    Well thanks all guys... with your feedback we were able to kill him today after our 3rd pull.

    thank you all!!!

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