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    A Question about restarting

    Hey guy's, I used to play WoW but then I simply gave up, it took me at least a month to get to 90 by going on and off so here is my question; Is it worth it to go back to WoW too Let's say, only be leveling classes to 90 and doing nothing more (I'm not willing to find a guild to raid with and I hate pvp). Should I do it or should I stay back?
    And I know this will be locked soon so, would u say it's worth it or not worth it

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    mope, not worth it - if you quit before dont come back.

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    There is loads to do outside of raiding at 90?

    Leveling up alts is fun and all (I am on the way to my 4th 90).

    But @ 90 you have

    Loads of variety of Dailies (if you like them), in particular the 5.1 Dailies are very very well done very good story told within them.


    Changeling Modes are a lot of fun.

    LFR is a nice way of gearing up if you don't want to find a guild.

    I personally really like Scenarios.

    Relic hunting (BoA blues that will help when levelling your alts!)

    Loremaster stuff (much more fun if you don't follow the guide and do this in 2hrs).

    I am sure there are more that I can't think of off the top of my head!

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