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    MM hunter changes i would make

    hello all, I have played a hunter for almost 3 years now. This is not a thread where i wish my class or spec for that matter is OP and on top of dps. This is a thread based off of playing hunter type classes in many mmos. with the revamping of warlocks this expansion i have had ideas on how blizzard could revamp the hunter class specifically marksmanship ( altho i have ideas for bm and survival as well )

    I would like to see marksman get a dual resource system similar to monks with focus and a combo style generation that you generate on yourself and not the target called Aim with a maximum of 4 aim available. I would like to see marksman get the option to play without a pet which would give them a slight buff to compensate for the loss of the pet.

    aim generators: Steady shot: costs 20 focus- deals x% amount of damage and generates 1 aim, with the cast time it has now
    Jagged shot: costs 25 focus- causes the target to bleed for 150% weapon damage over 8 seconds, generates 1 aim and has a 7 second cooldown.

    aim consumers: Chimera shot: cost 2 aim- deals 200% weapon damage (causes the target to take 10% more damage from bleed affects lasts 15 seconds)
    Aimed shot: cost 2 aim- deals 300% weapon damage ( damage increased by 5% against bleeding targets )
    Barbed shot: cost 2 aim- deals 200% weapon damage over 10 seconds

    new cooldown: snipers training: causes your abilities that generate aim to generate an additional aim and causes your aim abilities to cost 1 less aim, lasts for 10 seconds.

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    it feels as if every class has a second ressource nowerdays so i don't think hunters need one.

    what i would want (they could nerf auto shot dmg if it is too op):

    -more dmg or less focus cost on chimera shot. it feels a bit lacking. not much ... but ...
    -steady aim changed. now reduces casttime and focus cost by 20% per steady shot. stacks 5 times instead of 3. aimed shot can be cast anytime to consume all present charges.
    -aimed shot buffed. now has a 100% chance to critical hit (talent for more crit over 80% removed). aimed also ignores armor equal to 200% of your critchance.
    -deadly shot can now be cast anytime but only deals 50% dmg and cannot be used a second time. if a target with less then 20% hp is hit it will work as it does now.

    thats it for now.

    and while i would really like a petless marksman i'm not sure how it could work. while a simple dmg buff would be sufficient for pve there are far to many pet abilities necessary for pvp.

    the best i came up to would be the following:
    -make the murder of crows talent mm only. rework it to offset all the pet dmg. make it a "toggle" ability, meaning you can cancle the dot at any time. no cd.
    -add a "sacrifice" spell, infusing you with the spirit of the current pet or something like that. all pet abilities are now usable while the pet is away.
    -targeted spells like roots, disarms, stuns etc summons a spectral version of your pet to cast it and then to disappear again.

    if something like this would be possible it would be great. or add another ranged class in a future addon. an engineer would be nice.

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