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    [Movies]Does anyone else miss drawn animated movies?

    Now first of all you may think I'm old and grabbing onto nostalgia here but I am all sure you guys have noticed animated movies that are hand drawn are kind of dead now. Sure you get an odd one thrown at us once and a while but they are not as popular as they used to be? I mean they are nearly non-existent.

    Why is that? Well I have no idea but when we take our kids to see a kids movie now we go and see a 3D animated movies or live actions movies... the technology has done so much for us now that we can do pretty much everything in live action and 3D animated that were only possible by hand, that its kind of pushed drawn animation to one side.

    Its a shame that its come to this because I dont ever see drawn animation be as popular as it was, unless you're in east asia where manga is still very much as popular as ever but I talking about more the western market here.

    Whenever someone sees drawn animation now its directly thought of and aimed at kids or preteens rather than adults themselves. And even adults think cartoon animation is kids stuff now and that its just old hat.

    Does anyone here really miss the drawn animation format on movies and could it still have a large market for family viewers and even adults again? I personally think drawn animation still has so much to offer and its a shame that big companies like Disney don't produce these animations anymore and have pretty much went the Pixar route of doing things.?

    Would love to hear your opinions on the state of drawn animated movies now.

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    I think it would only be popular with nostalgic adults. Unfortunately, these days kids wouldnt want to watch a hand drawn movie because they would think it looks low budget, low tech and crappy. Also the time it would take to draw a movie would probably take too long as the people funding movies dont want to wait years for them to be made. They want a return on their investment as soon as possible, which is why so many movies are rushed.

    Its the same way with most people born after 1970 not liking a black and white movie

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    I don't miss them because still watch them. Just like today i watched with my girlfriend Totoro.

    OFC if you don't like Japanese anime or some Korean, you are kind of screwed :X

    Do you know what i miss the most? Zapping into Cartoon Network and end up with some good cartoons :X
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    The lack of drawn animation movies is the reason I barely look at a movie now a days, so yes I do miss it, the whole 3D animation doesn't do it for me and live action I only like if it's an action movie.
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    I don't care how they make them, as long as they make them look as good and charming as this

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    Meh, I like stop-motion pictures better than the whole drawn style. It seems foreign animated movies are going for that whole look now while the popular big name studios are pushing for more 3D animation.

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    Time and Money is what it usually boils down to. I'm not sure many people really care "how" it's made though. A good movie is still a good movie weather it's handrawn or computer driven.

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    It's probably because hand drawn animations require more work and time than 3D models.

    But you're right that hand drawn animations, like some of the older Disney works were superb. I especially still love the Lion King.
    There's something about them that makes them stand out. Somehow the animation appears more fluent and dynamic.

    But I'll be honest, work like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, etc are all also very good.
    So for big movies I don't really have a preference.

    But when comparing low budget shows that use 3D models or low budget shows that are hand drawn animations, I prefer the hand drawn ones. Yes, I can't stand low budget 3 models. It feels like watching a bad video game. I really can't imagine kids today growing up with all kinds of ugly 3D shows. But perhaps the kids don't mind because they don't know any better, and perhaps my judgement is clouded by nostalgia.

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    I miss them like hell, Disneys latest was like Princess and the frog? but before that hm.. I think it was Treasure Planet and that 2002 :/ Dont get me Wrong loved Finding Nemo, Wall-E and I liked Toy-story 3 more then first 2. Wreck-It Ralph I have some hopes for but its like over month before its even is on the cinemas here in Sweden and I don't even want to watch just because of the dubs

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    yep, miss them

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    My favorite hand drawn movie was "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron". Not only was the animation beautiful (as well as the music), but the way they did the animation: you actually could understand what the horses were saying to each other (they did not talk) or how they felt because of the body language. This was a very beautifully done movie and sadly, it did not get much hype or credit.

    If you haven't seen this movie, I *HIGHLY* recommend it. IMO, they need to make more movies like this.


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    They were quaint, but if the new animation styles (which can be beautiful in their own right) allow them to focus more effort on things like a good story for the same amount of development time, it's worth the conversion.

    Still, sometimes effort really does pay off. They really went all out with Coraline, and it made a difference.

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    There's a thread on this forum somewhere about your favorite animated movies. If you find my list, you'll find that every single one of them is hand drawn.

    Also, the only animated TV series I've watched in years is Justice League/JL Unlimited...hand drawn.

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