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    RP Server Problems..

    So I'm stuck on an RP-Server and desperately want to be one of the few people there to have a decent BG Rating. (We literally have nothing above 2,1 on our server as far as I have seen).

    I am an experienced player and lead groups in S11 at 2,1K MMR.
    I am currently at 1780 (dropped down from approximately 1980 cause of crappy pugs) and I have been looking for a group to go 2,2 this season as I absolutely love the Elite set for DKs this season.
    I do not want to engage in WT or Boosting because I know I can play at 2,2 but it is just impossible for me to find groups. Even on rbg-eu and battlemasters I have been looking for more than 3 weeks now..

    Can anyone help me out? (HORDE) I would be very grateful!

    I am 14/16 Malevolent with 2/2 T1. Experienced player who used to FC but switched to Frost more recently.

    I have tried close to everything so maybe someone here can help me reach my personal goal for this season!


    Edit: Hope this does not come across as begging, as it is not. I am simply in a bit of a pickle and LF friendly people to help me out

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