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    Should I delete my toons and focus on 1 class?

    I currently have a 90 warrior, mage, hunter and monk, and the only one that appeals to me anymore is my hunter, i've been playing my hunter for a solid month and I like it the most out of all my other toons. Would it be worth it to just delete the other three 90s and realm transfer my hunter from Bleeding Hollow(US) to Darkspear?


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    Why delete them?

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    i honestly see no reason at all to delete the others. Focus on the hunter. Transfer him and let the other toons just stay on the other realm. If you one day get to the wall on your hunter. You're just gonna regret that you deleted your other toons and have to level up again

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    No. Just play the hunter. Why bother removing characters you have invested time into? One day you might get bored and sad "I want to smash things in the face with a hammer, oh I have a warrior!"

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    I transferred to a new server with just one char to make it easier.

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    Don't delete your characters. Some people think deleting characters will keep them from ever returning to WoW. Every1 I know who deleted their characters has started up again at one time or another.

    You'll want them back one day. If you want to be discouraged from playing them sell their gear or something. That won't help much either though.

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    Characters have uses other than their playability. They can be utilized for professions, storage and other benefits. Deleting them serves no practical purpose at all.
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    I've had a few friends that have deleted their max level alts. Every single one regretted doing so. They all petitioned Blizzard to get them back.

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    To focus on one class is not to delete all others.

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